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PennDOT Urges Summer Safety, Offers General Driver Tips

July 18, 2023 12:00 PM
By: Cori Ritter

Be Safe PA. It Costs More Than a Ticket.

​Amidst sunny skies and warm summer nights, PennDOT reminds all drivers to stay safe on the roads. When behind the wheel of a car – whether alone or with passengers – driving safely should always be a top priority. In the last year, 1,179 people died on our roadways. Even one life taken; is one too many.

Safety is everyone's responsibility, so follow these tips to keep you and others on the roadways safe:

  • Don't drink and drive. 
  • Obey the speed limit; driving too fast gives you less time to react.
  • Do not talk or text on your cell phone while driving. Texting is illegal.
  • Use your turn signals so other drivers know what you are doing.
  • Focus on the driving task, the road and the conditions around you.
  • Don't eat or drink while driving (these are also distractions!)
  • Adjust radio and climate controls before beginning your trip, have your passenger adjust the controls for you or adjust the controls when you are stopped.
  • Plan ahead to know where you are going and get directions.
  • Leave early and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.
  • Expect the unexpected.

Remember, when behind the wheel, "Start SMART, Stay SMART."


S- SEAT belt on, seat adjusted.

M- MIRRORS adjusted and clear.

A- AIR conditioning, heating and defrost controls set.

R- RADIO and audio panel set.

T- THOROUGHLY check the area for traffic, people or objects.


S-  Watch your SPEED.

M- Frequently check your MIRRORS.

A- AVOID distractions.

R- Remember the RULES of the road.

T- Give yourself enough TIME to reach your destination.

For more information and tips on how to keep our roads safe and help save lives, visit PennDOT's Driver Safety Page.

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