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Fifteen minutes could save your vehicle registration

September 04, 2018 12:00 AM
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So, you went after that 15 percent or more in car insurance savings and now PennDOT is thinking you're uninsured! Before we tell you what you need to do, here's why it happened in the first place.

Auto insurance companies are required to tell PennDOT when they cancel your insurance policy. However, your new insurance company is not required to notify PennDOT that you just bought insurance. So, PennDOT may assume you do not have insurance and send you a "proof" letter.

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department recognized this as an issue, receiving thousands of complaints yearly. Working with PennDOT, the Insurance Department created a step-by-step brochure (PDF) to help.

The Insurance Department advises that you not panic when you receive the letter, but be sure to respond or PennDOT will be required to suspend your vehicle registration. Customers quite often ignore the letter from PennDOT because they have received their new insurance information and assume PennDOT must be aware of the change.

So, if you do change auto insurance providers, and receive a Proof of Insurance Request letter from PennDOT, here's how to provide your updated insurance info to PennDOT:

Drivers can email their updated information to PennDOT at, call 717-412-5300, fax it to 717-775-1550, or mail it to Financial Responsibility Unit, PO Box 68674, Harrisburg, PA 17106.

Drivers also can use the "Find a Location" feature on the PennDOT Driver and Vehicles Services website to find a private business partner who can provide assistance.

Please read the "proof request" letter from PennDOT carefully for all options for response to the letter; not responding to the proof request letter risks receiving an official notice of suspension.

If a drive receives an official notice of suspension, they may provide proof of insurance online on the PennDOT Driver and Vehicle Services website.

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