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Keep safety top of mind when planning your vacation

January 29, 2019 12:00 AM
By: Larissa Newton

​It's National Plan Your Vacation Day, and Pennsylvania offers some stunning locations for a quick road trip, weekend getaway, or more.

Over at, there's a list of 16 must-see places in Pennsylvania, including those that expand your horizons, help you delve into history, or even challenge your taste buds. 

And while the excitement of a little R & R can take over your preparation, don't forget to keep safety top of mind.

Always check before any road trip to see the latest traffic delay warnings, weather forecasts, and traffic speed information. You can even access more than 860 traffic cameras to help you plan the safest and fastest trip. Or find a place for a bit of respite from the road at one of the state's 14 Welcome Centers.

When driving, it's always best to "Start SMART, Stay SMART:"


  • S - SEAT belt on, seat adjusted
  • M - MIRRORS adjusted and clear
  • A - AIR conditioning, heating and defrost controls set
  • R - RADIO and audio panel set
  • T - THOROUGHLY check the area for traffic, people or objects


  • S - Watch your SPEED
  • M - Frequently check your MIRRORS
  • A - AVOID distractions
  • R - Remember the RULES of the road
  • T - Give yourself enough TIME to reach your destination

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