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PennDOT Driver License Centers Resume Driver’s Skills Tests

June 26, 2020 08:00 AM
By: Diego Sandino

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​PennDOT recently announced that driver's skills test, including motorcycle skills test, have resumed at reopened Driver License Centers.

Since early June, customers whose driver's skills tests were canceled due to the COVID-19 emergency have been given priority in rescheduling skills tests. As of June 20, all other customers can schedule a skills tests in the appointment system.

Customers who have skills tests scheduled on or after the official reopening date of June 2 will be able to obtain a driver's skills test at all open Driver License Centers that perform skills testing. The skills test has been modified to mitigate potential exposure of PennDOT staff and customers while maintaining the integrity of the testing process.

As part of the enhanced safety measures for non-commercial skills test the following safety protocols will be in place:

  • PennDOT staff will remain outside the vehicle during the entire skills test and the test taker and accompanying driver will remain in the vehicle.
  • In yellow phase counties, examiner will conduct basic health pre-screening of applicant.  If applicant is displaying any COVID-19 symptoms, test will not be administered. There will be no pre-screening for customers in green counties.
  • All customers and accompanying drivers must wear appropriate face masks during testing.
  • Examiners will be required to wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, eye protection during the exam.
  • Examiners will utilize iPads during the administration of testing, which will be routinely disinfected using wipes or spray sanitizer. 

PennDOT-Authorized Third Party Testers are also available for non-commercial testing and adhering to restrictions on work and social interaction set by Governor Tom Wolf and the Department of Health.  They must follow official phased reopening guidance outlined by the Governor's Office and the Department of Health. For a list of PennDOT Authorized Third Party Vendors, please visit our website at

More COVID-19 information is available at For more information, visit or

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