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Western Pennsylvania's Safety Press Officers urge safe driving during COVID-19

August 18, 2020 08:00 AM
By: Yasmeen Manyisha

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​Earlier this summer, the Western Pennsylvania Safety Press Officers (SPO) teamed up with the Western Regional Digital Media Specialist, Hannah Stiller, to create a video that reminded motorists to prioritize safety as the region began moving into the "green phase" of the governor's pandemic reopening plan. The video was filmed in each of their respective homes as they continued to practice social distancing.

Joshua Kaufer in District 1 urged drivers to abide by the speed limit and follow the directions on posted signs. While there is less traffic on the road, the team found motorists to speed more, putting themselves and others on the road at risk.

Yasmeen Manyisha in District 11 stressed the importance of staying alert and avoiding distractions while behind the wheel. Distracted driving is a leading contributor to vehicle crashes in the state. Of these crashes, cell phone usage is often a common offense. No text, call or post is worth a life.

Jay Ofsanik in District 12 reminded everyone to buckle up every time they get in a vehicle. Although the state has a seat belt usage rate higher than the national average, even one crash involving an unrestrained person, is one too many. Seat belts save lives and there is no excuse not to buckle up.

At a time when the public needs to see that they are not alone, the western SPO's were proud to team up to remind everyone that their safety is important. Although the team still works from home, they continue striving to make safety the highest priority.

See the Western Region Safety Video below. It can also be viewed on Facebook.

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