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Wishing Pennsylvania a safe holiday season with '12 Days of Safety' on social media

December 28, 2020 08:00 AM
By: Yasmeen Manyisha

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​"On the twelfth Day of Safety PennDOT reminded me…"

'Tis the season to practice safety, and PennDOT District 11, based in Allegheny County, found a new and creative way to share this message with our customers.

In an effort to spread some holiday cheer, the district created "The 12 Days of Safety" social media campaign, allowing PennDOT employees to wish the public a happy and safe holiday season. Beginning December 7, a different district employee was featured in a short video presenting a safe driving tip for the holiday season. Topics ranged from impaired driving, plow trucks, seat belts, checking tires to distracted driving.

The video was a great collaboration between the different units within District 11, many of whom work with the impacts of local crashes daily. Introducing the video and kicking off the first day is District 11's District Executive, Cheryl Moon-Sirianni, followed by the three Assistant District Executives: Jason Zang, Doug Seely and Angelo Pampena, who each discuss a safety tip.  

The team is proud of how the project turned out and hopes it helps motorists think about safety above all.

The thirteenth and final day of the video series features all of the participants saying their respective safety tips consecutively. Viewers will also see the participants virtually come together to wish them well during the united message. Just as each of the employees stated in the safety video, each time you get behind the wheel, "make safety the priority!"

The videos can be viewed on many of the department's social media outlets, including and the Greater Pittsburgh Area PennDOT Facebook Group.

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