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Seasonal Help Turns Full Time: Meet Brandon Zeiders

February 12, 2021 08:00 AM
By: Suzy Atkins

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​Brandon has friends and family who work at PennDOT, so he knew about the good benefits that the state offered. He applied for a position with PennDOT maintenance because he was tired of living in hotel rooms while working out of town. He had worked for a few years in construction and then landed a job making kitchen cabinets, but after 15 years, he wanted more for himself and his family. He reapplied to PennDOT.

His wife, Jennifer, called PennDOT's Human Resources office to check on the status of Brandon's application. It was during this discussion with the HR representative the she learned of positions called Transportation Construction Inspector (TCI) or a Transportation Technician (TT). Brandon's background in construction gave him many of the qualifications needed for a job like that and he was encouraged to apply for one of those positions instead.

Even though he knew it was seasonal work, Brandon took a leap of faith and accepted a position in District 3 as a Transportation Technician. He left his ten-minute commute to his cabinet making job to work at PennDOT for $4 less an hour. He started with PennDOT on September 14 and worked until November 20, 2015. Four days later, his daughter, Olivia, was born.

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In February 2016, Brandon returned to PennDOT as a full-time employee, but between November and February, he wondered if he had done the right thing by leaving his cabinet making job.

"I would definitely tell anyone to apply for a seasonal or temporary position within PennDOT, the benefits, work schedule flexibility are great," he said. "Don't be disgusted with it being only temporary, what it could lead to full time could be one of the best decisions you've ever made, I know it was for me."

In the summer of 2019, after completing a paving project in McClure, the Borough Manager & Borough Council sent a thank you letter of appreciation to District 3 thanking Brandon and his supervisor for their professionalism and excellent customer service. It is times like this when an employee feels "PennDOT Proud."

Brandon, Jennifer and Olivia are Minnesota Viking fans and have attended several games when they are playing a neighboring team.

"I also enjoy collecting sports autographs & sports memorabilia," he said. 

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