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What do you know about PennDOT's Transportation Equipment Operators?

February 26, 2021 07:00 AM
By: Maggie Baker

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​Did you know that our Transportation Equipment Operators must complete extensive training on top of the required Class B CDL license required to operate PennDOT equipment?

Newly hired Transportation Equipment Operators are titled TEOAs and are enrolled in an eight-day PennDOT truck and loader course, where they learn how to operate the plow trucks and loaders used in PennDOT's fleet. The course reviews pre-trip inspection, air brake tests, driving and plowing techniques and loader techniques. This course is followed by a two-day winter training guide course where operators learn winter driving techniques, as well as how to use the plows, wing plows and salt spreaders. Upon completion of the course, TEOAs will be tested and certified by the County's Equipment Manager (CEM).

TEOAs wishing to become promoted to TEOBs must become certified on an additional four more pieces of equipment within the PennDOT fleet. This means operators must attend additional training geared toward certain pieces of equipment. Each course is lengthy, and certification is completed by the CEM.

Summer and winter assignments are usually bid on during spring and fall safety days. Following the union contract, equipment operators will bid on the stockpiles where they would like to work, and selections are made using seniority. While each county runs general maintenance out of every stockpile, some summer assignments are more in depth due to specialty work including bridge crew, base repair crews, guiderail crews, and sign crews.   

During summer operations, District 3 has a number of district-wide crews used to perform complex operations.  These include three paving crews, which are divided into northern counties, central counties and southern counties as well as two chipping crews and two milling crews, which are split into northern counties and southern counties. These crews are selected by seniority bids throughout the district.

Equipment operators are also on the clock at all hours. Summer month hours vary depending upon their work assignment. However, during the winter months, these crews will go onto dual shifts. Shift A (0400 hours to 1200 hours) and Shift B (1200 hours to 2000 hours). During inclement weather, they extend their shifts to provide 24-hour winter services to keep our roadways safe and passible for the for the traveling public.

Operators must continue to maintain their Class B CDL license, medical clearances and continued education and training on PennDOT equipment.

We greatly appreciate the dedication of these operators and their hard work maintaining our roadways in all weather conditions and at all times!

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