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Grand Opening: PennDOT's Pike County Maintenance Facility

November 15, 2021 02:00 PM
By: Jessica Ruddy

​Pike County celebrated the grand opening of their new county maintenance facility on October 15, 2021. The former facility was oldest working facility in all of Pennsylvania, over 100 years old. It was not centrally located, did not have storage for salt and overall was not adequate for the county's maintenance needs.  

The new facility was over 20 years in the making and includes a centrally located building located in Lords Valley. The building is nearly 30,000 square feet and includes just under 9,500 square feet of office space and 1500 square feet of conference/training rooms, a more modern garage which can be used for training, wash bay and storage for salt and anti-skid to name some of the upgrades. 

We also worked out an agility agreement with Pike County in order to access water for the building in exchange for road maintenance leading to the Pike County Administrative building over the next 5 years. The agreement is beneficial for all and we are thankful to Pike County for being partners with PennDOT's District 4.  

The grand opening ceremony included the elected officials Representative Michael Pfeifer, Representative Rosemary Brown, Pike County Commissioner Ronald R. Schmalzle and Commissioner Steve Guccini, District Executive, Rich Roman, ADE of Maintenance, Jonathan Eboli and PennDOT employees for Pike County. 

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