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Meet Steve Greathouse, an employee who has served many roles at PennDOT

November 28, 2022 02:00 PM
By: Joel Morris


Steve Greathouse began his PennDOT career in 1999 as a Temporary Transportation Equipment Operator A and became full-time in 2006. Currently, he serves as an Acting Assistant County Maintenance Manager in District 12's Westmoreland County. This role includes overseeing maintenance and specialized crews ensuring their planned work is completed to maintenance standards in a timely manner, building and approving daily payrolls, and addressing customer concerns.  In addition, he maintains inventory at his assigned staging areas to ensure crews have the supplies needed to perform their work.  Over the course of this construction season, he's had the opportunity to manage the Patchco Crew, Bridge Flushing Crew, Sectional Maintenance Crew, Seal Coat Crew, and Bridge Crew. 

Prior to his Acting role in Westmoreland County, Steve served as Fayette County's Roadway Programs Coordinator (RPC).  The experience gained serving as RPC provided him the knowledge of maintenance activities from the planning stage through purchasing supplies and completion of the work.  Gaining budget knowledge gave him the understanding of balancing the needs of the county within the monetary guidelines set forth by the state and provided him the knowledge of the materials used by maintenance crews.   

Greathouse and safety are synonymous in District 12, having been involved with the safety committee for over 10 years.  He currently serves as Westmoreland County's Safety Committee Chairperson conducting monthly meetings and currently planning the fall Safety Stand Down Day.  Through this role he educates fellow employees on safety standards, helps them create new safety innovations to make the workplace safer, and plans and conducts Safety Stand Down Days.  He also has the tasks of researching follow up items discussed during meetings and participating in personal injury and fleet accident investigations. "Along with fellow committee members and managers, I've had the opportunity to develop many safety innovations with the county, implement them, and share them through avenues such as WorkSmart for other counties and districts to utilize," said Greathouse. 

When discussing county maintenance operations, he describes them as very reactive – no matter what they have planned for the day, the weather and emergencies dictate what they can complete that day.  These unforeseen issues can include storms, flooding, downed trees, crashes, as well as other events requiring road closures. 

Greathouse believes the most interesting and challenging thing he's worked on has been the Seal Coat Crew as it involves many people, a lot of equipment and materials, and adds longevity to our roadways.  "I enjoy the complexity of the work and seeing the finished product," said Greathouse.   When talking to him, it's clear he thoroughly enjoys his job.  He takes pride in seeing the completion of projects, enjoys the challenges of being on call to handle emergencies and snow removal, as well as the camaraderie with his fellow employees.   

If this wasn't already enough, he's also lending his knowledge and ideas to the district's newly formed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, which includes employees from different units throughout the district.  While still in the planning stages, he hopes his role within this committee will be an asset to achieving its goals.  

When he's not working regular business hours carrying out the multitude of activities he's involved with (or answering after hours calls for emergencies and snowstorms), he can be found camping with his family, traveling, hanging out with his Goldendoodle dog named Dutton, and attending car/truck shows with his trucks and club. 

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