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Shapiro Administration Highlights Improvements and Upgrades to Indiana-Based PennDOT Region During the 2023 Construction Season

October 24, 2023 05:00 PM
By: Tina Gibbs

This week our Secretary Mike Carroll and PennDOT District 10 Executive Brian Allen, P.E. discussed statewide transportation progress and highlighted projects that had active work this year in Armstrong, Butler, Clarion, Indiana, and Jefferson counties. 

"The Shapiro Administration has been investing in our communities, responding to emergencies, and supporting safe travel for people and goods across Pennsylvania," Carroll said. "The PennDOT team and our industry partners have made significant progress this year. Under the leadership of Governor Shapiro, we have improved and repaired nearly 5,000 miles of state-owned roads and completed hundreds of bridge projects, supporting thousands of jobs across the Commonwealth. We look forward to continuing this progress here in District 10 and across the Commonwealth."

Statewide from January through September, 4,357 roadway miles were improved, including 1,322 miles of paving. In the same timeframe, 515 state and locally owned bridges were put out for bid to be repaired, replaced, or preserved by PennDOT or industry forces. Additionally, 291 construction contracts for highway, bridge, and other improvement projects were completed statewide through PennDOT's private-sector partners so far this year.

"We are pleased to share some of the projects we completed in 2023 and those continuing into 2024," Allen said. "Our primary goal is to maintain and improve our roadways to keep them safe for regional motorists. These roadway upgrades, resurfacing, and safety enhancements help our motorists to travel safely and efficiently throughout our district."

Notable projects completed in 2023 include:

Armstrong County

  • Resurfacing, milling, patching, paving, drainage, and guiderail upgrades on U.S. 422 and Routes 28,1422, 85, and 1038 in Manor and Rayburn townships. $6.1 million.

Butler County

  • Signal upgrades on Route 356/68 from Campus Lane to Moraine Pointe Plaza and other miscellaneous construction in Butler Township. $1.5 million.
  • Replacing or rehabilitating nine signals on Route 8/Street in Butler City. The new system includes multiple Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant features. $2.3 million.
  • Resurfacing 5 miles along Route 228 (Glade Mills Road) between Route 8 and the intersection of Route 2007 (Victory Road) in Middlesex and Clinton townships. $3.4 million.

Clarion County

  • Highway maintenance on Route 861 in Porter Township with resurfacing, milling, patching, paving, drainage, and guiderail upgrades from Stewart Road to Penn Street. $4.6 million.
  • Resurfacing project including milling, patching, paving, drainage, and guiderail upgrades along Route 208 from the intersection of Route 38 to the intersection of Township Road 658 (Rhea Lane) in Salem and Beaver townships and Knox Borough. $1.6 million.
  • Replacing the existing structure carrying Route 4004 (Sunny Road) over a tributary to Licking Creek with a precast box in Farmington Township and restoring the existing structure carrying Route 4004 (Sunny Road) over Licking Creek in Farmington Township. $976,000.

Indiana County

  • Replacing the eastbound and westbound bridges carrying U.S. 422 over Route 8016 (Ramp D) with vertical clearance improvements in Cherryhill Township. $7.6 million. 
  • Replacing the Two Lick Bridge in Homer City Borough and Center Township. $2 million. Anticipated completion in late fall 2023.
  • Widening and resurfacing Route 286 (Oakland Avenue) and the U.S. 422 interchange in White Township, including replacing the bridge over McCarthy Run Creek, installing sidewalks along Route 286, drainage, guide-rail upgrades, and traffic-signal replacements. $19.8 million. Anticipated completion in late December 2023.

Jefferson County

  • Resurfacing, patching, drainage, ADA ramps, and other miscellaneous construction on U.S. 119 from the Indiana County/Jefferson County line to the intersection of Route 36 in Young Township and Punxsutawney Borough. The project also included resurfacing U.S. 119 in Punxsutawney Borough from the U.S. 119 intersection with Route 2017 to Lions Club Road. The existing structure carrying U.S. 119 over Mahoning Creek in Punxsutawney Borough underwent preservation work. $6.1 million.

Notable ongoing projects continuing into 2024 include:

Armstrong County

  • Safety improvement project on 1.3 miles of Route 28/66 (Goheenville Dip) in Pine Township including roadway realignment, bridge replacements, continuing a truck climbing lane, and adding turning lanes at intersecting roads. $16.6 million. Anticipated completion in fall 2024. 
  • Bridge replacement project for Poverty Hill Bridge in Rayburn Township. $3.4 million. Anticipated completion in summer 2024.
  • Realigning and reconstructing a portion of U.S. 422 near the intersection of Route 2005 (Margaret Road/Cherry Run Road) and constructing a new bridge to carry U.S. 422 over Route 2005 in Plumcreek Township. It also includes a new concrete box culvert for a structure over an unnamed tributary to Cherry Run. $26 million. Anticipated completion in summer 2025.

Butler County

  • Replacing the Portersville Bridge carrying Route 488 (East Portersville Road) over I-79 northbound and southbound in Muddy Creek Township with a two-span steel bridge. $6.3 million. Anticipated completion in summer 2024.
  • Widening, drainage, and intersection improvements including adding turn lanes and new traffic signals on Freedom Road between the Butler County Line to Haine School Road in Cranberry Township. $18.5 million. Anticipated completion in fall 2025.
  • Realignment project for Balls Bend in Middlesex Township with an added travel lane in each direction and a center turn lane. It also includes constructing four new structures, realigned local road connections, jug handles and a new signalized intersection at Route 228 and Parks Road. $26.5 million. Anticipated completion in January 2025.
  • Safety enhancement project on the Route 68 Corridor in Butler and Connoquenessing townships including a signal replacement, installing turn lanes, and corridor improvements to reduce congestion from Stevenson Road to the intersection of Meridian Road/Benbrook Road. $18.7 million. Anticipated completion in fall 2025.
  • Safety improvement project on Three Degree Road in Adams and Middlesex townships that includes adding through and turn lanes, new service roads, new jughandles, drainage, guiderail updates, signal enhancements, sidewalks, ADA ramps, and two roundabouts. $55.8 million. Anticipated completion in November 2026.

Indiana County

  • Bridge replacement project including replacing the structures carrying Marsh Run under Route 4005 (Wayne Avenue) and Route 4030 (Carter Avenue) in White Township and Indiana Borough with concrete box culverts. The project also includes resurfacing, pavement patching, minor drainage, installing ADA curb ramps, pedestrian signal upgrades, and other miscellaneous construction. $11.9 million. Anticipated completion in fall 2024.

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