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Innovative Traffic Control Technology Used on the Route 220 Bridge Improvement Project in Lycoming County

November 08, 2023 04:30 PM
By: Maggie Baker

moveable barrier on Route 220 bridge project

Innovative traffic control technology was used to maintain traffic flow on the Route 220 bridge improvement project in Woodward Township, Lycoming County. Route 220 is a major connector between the City of Williamsport, Jersey Shore, and Lock Haven, which carries approximately 20,000 vehicles a day.

Traffic was controlled by using an innovative traffic control technology called a movable median barrier system. This technology is new to District 3 but has been used in more urbanized areas to address traffic control and congestion.

For the Route 220 bridge improvement project, the barrier system separating northbound and southbound traffic was moved daily to ensure two lanes of travel northbound for the morning commute and two lanes southbound for the afternoon commute. Opposing direction of traffic will be restricted to one lane.

The movable barrier system reduced the time needed to complete the project by over one construction season and removed six traffic phases and it facilitates traffic flow in and out of the City of Williamsport through the project area.

The median barrier includes 16 concrete sections with a metal section on either side which is for expansion. These are "pinned" together with approximately 12-inch pins. A mile of barrier can be moved in approximately 10-15 minutes by a machine operated by two drivers simultaneously.

Watch a video of the movable barrier system beneath this post.

On Tuesday, October 24, 2023, the movable barrier was removed for the winter shut down, but will return in the spring of 2024 when construction resumes on the project.

The Route 220 bridge improvement project will replace two structures carrying Route 220 over the Fourth Street off ramp, as well as rehabilitate two structures over Antlers Lane, and two structures over the Lycoming Valley Railroad in Woodward Township and the City of Williamsport, Lycoming County. The project includes $13.4 million in federal funding, made possible through the BIL.

Under this project, PennDOT's contractor, Susquehanna Valley Corporation, will remove and replace the structures over Ramp A to West Fourth Street and rehabilitate two structures over Antlers Lane and the two structures over the Lycoming Valley Railroad. 

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