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PennDOT Employee Celebrates 15 Years of Service

February 13, 2024 10:00 AM
By: Liz Fabri

​Drew Petty has been an employee of PennDOT for almost 15 years. On top of having a mechanical background, Drew is quite an outdoorsman. He has experience with agriculture and wildlife management from maintaining his farmland in Newton-Ransom, Lackawanna County where he resides with his wife.

Drew enjoys anything and everything that is nature-related and when he is not in the office you can find him hunting or on the farm.

Utilizing his mechanical background, Drew has held several positions while supporting PennDOT in the Northeastern region of Pennsylvania. Some of the positions Drew has held include Diesel Mechanic in Susquehanna County, Diesel Mechanic in Lackawanna County, Mechanic Supervisor in Lackawanna County, and Equipment Manager in Susquehanna County.

All of these previous positions have led Drew to his current role as a Transportation Automotive Equipment Specialist. He is currently responsible for working alongside the counties, garages, and mechanic supervisors to make sure equipment and daily tasks are taken care of in preparation for any event within the region. Additionally, he also implements training and certifications for operators.

Drew Petty 2 (002).jpg

Although Drew has excelled at all the positions he has held, his favorite PennDOT role is his current position, Transportation Automotive Equipment Specialist. He says this job allows him to work with all employees in every county and helps to see a broader picture on how each area works together. Not to mention, Drew also enjoys keeping busy visiting all the garages and constantly getting to interact with coworkers.

Drew is currently leading an equipment training effort that focuses on educating operators on the use of equipment and equipment safety. This training has received excellent feedback from employees and has been extremely beneficial.

Drew looks forward to continuing to build his career within PennDOT, working alongside his long-time co-workers and friends. Each day Drew takes pride in helping to improve his community for those to live and travel safely through our area.​

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