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Transportation Pooled Fund Participation

The Transportation Pooled Fund (TPF) program is designed to maximize the financial commitments of the PennDOT Research Program by leveraging other state DOT research funding. A "pool" of states each contributes a share to an overall project, thus decreasing any financial commitment from one state. PennDOT participates in multiple pooled fund projects annually. 

Featured Study:  Aurora

MARWIS sensor without protective cover and mounted on a truck   Source:  ​Aurora Program - Iowa State University

Working to advance road weather information systems technology

The objectives of this project were to evaluate the ability of the Lufft MARWIS and Teconer RCM411 sensors to perform in a typical winter maintenance environment, investigate the sensors’ sensitivity to varying chloride concentrations, assess the repeatability of data and the sensors’ mechanical reliability, and evaluate each sensor’s state of development and cost to purchase, install, and maintain. The laboratory testing simulated real-world conditions of snow, ice, and/or slush on pavement, trafficking, and plowing and assessed how each sensor performed with the addition of each of these variables and detected the change in pavement condition/deicer performance throughout winter maintenance operations. The testing conditions were ideal in that they were consistent and reproducible.

Report by:  Iowa State University  |  Learn more...

TPF Project Listing

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  • Active - Pennsylvania is currently participating in projects designated as "active".
  • Completed - Pennsylvania no longer participates in projects designated as "completed".
collapse Status : Active ‎(34)
Road Usage Charge West
Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Infrastructure
Clear Roads Winter Highway Operations Phase III Pooled Fund
Demonstration to Advance New Pavement Technologies Pooled Fund
Improve Pavement Surface Distress and Transverse Profile Data Collection and Analysis - Phase II
Integration of New Traffic Signal Actuation Concepts using Enhanced Detector Information
Safety Service Patrol Standardization and Management Practices
Technology Transfer Concrete Consortium (FY20-FY24)
Transportation Management Centers Pooled Fund Study Phase II
Integrating Construction Practices and Weather Into Freeze Thaw SpecificationsConstruction
Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Bridges & StructuresDesign
Continuous Asphalt Mixture Compaction Assessment using Density Profiling System (DPS) Design
Development of Criteria to Assess the Effects of Pack-Out Corrosion in Build-Up Steel MembersDesign
Hydrologic and Hydraulic Software Enhancements (SMS, WMS, Hydraulic Toolbox, and HY-8) Design
Improving the Quality of Highway Profile MeasurementDesign
Pavement Structural Evaluation with Traffic-Speed Deflection Devices (TSDDs)Design
Performance Engineered Concrete Paving MixturesDesign
Structural Behavior of Ultra-High Performance ConcreteDesign
Aurora Program (FY 20-24)Maintenance
Clear Roads - Phase IIMaintenance
National Partnership to Determine the Life Extending Benefit Curves of Pavement Preservation Techniques (MnROAD/NCAT Joint Study – Phase II)Maintenance
Recycled Materials Resource Center - 4th Generation Maintenance
Soil and Erosion Testing Services for Bridge Scour EvaluationsMaintenance
Enhanced Traffic Signal Performance MeasuresOperations & Safety
Evaluation of Low Cost Safety ImprovementsOperations & Safety
Pavement Surface Properties Consortium: Phase III - Managing the Pavement Properties for Improved Safety Operations & Safety
Roadside Safety Research for MASH ImplementationOperations & Safety
Traffic Control Device (TCD) Consortium (3)Operations & Safety
Traffic Signal Change and Clearance Interval Pooled Fund StudyOperations & Safety
Transportation Management Center (TMC)Operations & Safety
AV Pooled Fund Study Planning & Policy
Connected Vehicle Pooled Fund Study Planning & Policy
Consortium for Asphalt Pavement Research and Implementation (CAPRI)Planning & Policy
Support for Urban Mobility Analyses Planning & Policy
collapse Status : Completed ‎(58)
CP Road Map Operations Support
Accelerated Implementation of Intelligent Compaction Technology for Embankment Subgrade Soils, Aggregate Base and Asphalt Pavement MaterialsConstruction
Development of Design Guide for Thin and Ultrathin Concrete Overlays of Existing Asphalt PavementsConstruction
Development of Performance Properties of Ternary MixesConstruction
Enhancements to the Intelligent Construction Data Management System (Beta) and ImplementationConstruction
Evaluation of Plant-Produced High-Percentage RAP Mixtures in the NortheastConstruction
Evaluation of Test Methods for permeability and Development of Performance Guidelines for DurabilityConstruction
Implementation of the Simple Performance Tester (SPT) for Superpave ValidationConstruction
Improve Pavement Surface Distress and Transverse Profile Data Collection and Analysis - Phase IIConstruction
Improving the Foundation Layers for Concrete PavementsConstruction
Improving the Quality of Pavement Profiler MeasurementConstruction
Improving the Quality of Pavement Surface Distress and Transverse Profile Data Collection and AnalysisConstruction
ITS Pooled Fund Program (ENTERPRISE)Construction
National Sustainable Pavement ConsortiumConstruction
Next Generation Concrete Pavement Road MapConstruction
Pavement Surface Properties ConsortiumConstruction
Real-Time Quality Control Monitoring and Characterization of Aggregate Materials in Highway Construction using Laser Induced Breakdown SpectroscopyConstruction
Research Program to Support the Research, Development, and Deployment of System Operations Applications of Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII)Construction
Stormwater Testing and Maintainability CenterConstruction
Strain-based Fatigue Crack Monitoring of Steel Bridges using Wireless Elastomeric Skin SensorsConstruction
Technology Transfer Concrete ConsortiumConstruction
Technology Transfer Intelligent Compaction ConsortiumConstruction
The Influence of Vehicular Live Loads on Bridge PerformanceConstruction
Continued Advancements in Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) for Foundations, Substructures And Other Geotechnical FeaturesDesign
Enhancement of Welded Steel Bridge Girders Susceptible to Distortion-Induced FatigueDesign
Improving Specifications to Resist Frost Damage in Modern Concrete Mixtures Design
Investigation of Curved Girder Bridges with Integral AbutmentsDesign
Long Term Maintenance of Load and Resistance Factor Design SpecificationsDesign
Loop and Length Based ClassificationDesign
Recycled Materials Resource Center - 4th Generation Design
Regional and National Implementation and Coordination of ME DesignDesign
Structural Design Methodology for Spray Applied Pipe Liners in Gravity Storm Water Conveyance ConduitsDesign
Traffic Control Device (TCD) ConsortiumDesign
Application of Three Dimensional Laser Scanning for the Identification, Evaluation, and Management of Unstable Highway SlopesMaintenance
Aurora ProgramMaintenance
Clear Roads Winter Highway OperationsMaintenance
Developing Implementation Strategies for Risk Based Inspection (RBI)Maintenance
Development of an Integrated Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Validation CenterMaintenance
Development of Maintenance Decision Support SystemMaintenance
Field Testing Hand-Held Thermographic Inspection Technologies Phase IIMaintenance
MDSS - Development of Maintenance Decision Support SystemMaintenance
State Responses to Energy Sector DevelopmentsMaintenance
Technology Transfer Concrete ConsortiumMaintenance
The Use of Bridge Management Software in the Network Analysis of Big BridgesMaintenance
2019 Innovations in Freight Data WorkshopMultiModal
Aurora ProgramOperations & Safety
Axle and Length Classification Factor Analysis and Effects on Annual Daily Traffic (AADT)Operations & Safety
Evaluating New Technologies for Roads Program Initiatives in Safety & Efficiency-ENTERPRISE (Phase II)Operations & Safety
Evaluation of Low Cost Safety ImprovementsOperations & Safety
Exploring Non-Traditional Methods to Obtain Vehicle Volume and Class Data Operations & Safety
FHWA Traffic Noise Model Version 3.0 Software and TrainingOperations & Safety
Roadside Safety ResearchOperations & Safety
Transportation Management CenterOperations & Safety
Highway Safety Manual ImplentationPlanning & Policy
I-81 Multistate Pooled Fund StudyPlanning & Policy
Standard Test Procedure for Travel Time Data Quality AssurancePlanning & Policy
Statewide Geospatial Transportation Development of the All Road Network of Linear Referenced Data (ARNOLD)Planning & Policy
Traffic Control Device ConsortiumPlanning & Policy