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Paxton Creek Watershed Reduction


PennDOT is partnering with local municipalities to pilot a municipal collaboration effort to save tax payer dollars while reducing sediment pollution in the Paxton Creek Watershed as part of Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirements. Through research, PennDOT has developed a legal agreement partnering template and contract. The low bid procurement contract was awarded to lowest responsive and responsible bidder providing the greatest amount of sediment reduction.

 With agreement from the Department of Environmental Protection, both PennDOT and the Municipal Partners will receive 100% each of the contract sediment reduction credit toward their Pollutant Reduction Plans (PRP's).

Design Project No: 3517118

Anticipated Outcomes 

The project is in the design approval stages.  Permitting is expected to occur in 2021 with construction in 2022. The project is expected to get both PennDOT and the municipal collaboration 573,252 pounds each of annual sediment reduction. 6,782 feet of stream will be restored. The contract template and legal agreement template are already being used for additional projects. 

PennDOT Technical Advisor:
​Daryl St. Clair
Project Duration:
​August 2020 - August 2025
Research Contractor:
Principal Investigator:
Jon Kasitz
Project Cost:
BPR $816,320 / District 4 $183,680 / Hwy Admin $1,000,000