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​Posting and Bonding Overview

A posted roadway is any state or locally-owned highway that has a weight restriction. An Engineering and Traffic Study (T&E 109 Form) needs to be completed to determine if a road should be posted. This study examines the current roadway condition and determines if increased traffic would weaken it.

If a hauler wants to travel a posted roadway, they must determine if they are local traffic or qualify for local determination. If not, the hauler can apply for a permit and bond the roadway.

For state-owned roadways, PennDOT follows the guidance in Publication 23, Chapter 15: Weight Restrictions on Highways (Posted Highways) (Pub. 23, Ch. 15).

For locally-owned roads, municipalities should use the guidance in Publication 221: Posting and Bonding Procedures for Municipal Highways (Pub. 221)Click here to learn more about Municipal Postings.

Step-by-Step Guide to Bonding a Posted RoadPosting and Bonding Forms

*Internal Links-PennDOT Authorized Personnel Only

Form IDForm Title
M-4902AAExcess Maintenance Assignment Agreement
M-4902AAC*Completed Assignment Agreement Notification (Internal Use Only)
M-4902APPApplication to Add or Remove a Section of Highway
M-4902APPLApplication to Add or Modify Local Determination
M-4902APPSISelf-Insurance Application
M-4902APR*Approval to Add or Remove a Section of Highway (Internal Use Only)
M-4902ARSPosted and Bonded Roadway – Maintenance Plan Application for Roadway Signing
M-4902C*Release of Security (Internal Use Only)
M-4902CAContribution Agreement
M-4902COPCooperative Project Agreement
M-4902EDeed of Easement
M-4902EMAExcess Maintenance Agreement
M-4902EVEnvironmental Components Matrix
M-4902ISPInspection Form
M-4902L1*Excess Damage – 5 Day Notification – Repairs Needed (Internal Use Only)
M-4902L2*Excess Damage – Immediate Repairs – Suspension of Operations (Internal Use Only)
M-4902L3*Excess Damage – Permit Suspension (Internal Use Only)
M-4902L4*Excess Damage – Permit Revocation (Internal Use Only)
M-4902L5*Termination of Excess Maintenance Agreement (Internal Use Only)
M-4902L6*Permit Reinstatement (Internal Use Only)
M-4902L7*Excess Damage – Local Status (Internal Use Only)
M-4902L8*Notification of EMA Security/ Insurance Expiration (Internal Use Only)
M-4902L9*Security/Insurance Expired – Permit Suspension (Internal Use Only)
M-4902L10*Maintenance Plan Acceptance Letter (Internal Use Only)
M-4902L11*Maintenance Plan – 5 Day Warning Letter (Internal Use Only)
M-4902L12*Maintenance Plan – Permit Suspension Letter (Internal Use Only)
M-4902L13*Acceptance of Self Insurance Letter (Internal Use Only)
M-4902L14*Denial of Self Insurance Letter (Internal Use Only)
M-4902L15*Return of Self Insurance (Internal Use Only)
M-4902L16*Inactive Excess Maintenance Agreements (Internal Use Only)
M-4902L17*Freeze/Thaw Reminder Letter (Internal Use Only)
M-4902LCIrrevocable Letter of Credit
M-4902PBPerformance Bond
M-4902MPMaintenance Plan
M-4902ROERight of Entry Agreement
M-4902SRS1Surety Endorsement for Heavy Hauling Agreement
M-4902RL*Revocation of Local Traffic (Internal Use Only)
M-4902RPModification/Removal of Highway Weight Restriction

Roadway Upgrade Acceptance Form

M-4902URUPCUser Road Upgrade Plan Checklist
M-4902WRL​Weekly Repair Log for Roads Maintained Under an Excess Maintenance Agreement
​TE-109​Engineering and Traffic Study for Restrictions as to Weight, Size, Kind or Class or type of load based on Highway, Bridge, or Traffic Conditions
TE-114Designation of Alternate Routes for Restricted Vehicles Engineering and Traffic Study