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Interstate 90 Reconstruction Projects

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Project Overview

PennDOT will reconstruct or restore approximately 28 miles of I-90 in 10 years through a series of contracts.

The first project started in 2019 and focused on reconstructing I-90 from the Ohio state line to mile marker 3.5 near the Route 6N exits in Springfield Township, as well as paving from mile maker 10.5 to mile marker 18. It was completed in 2021.   

A second contract to reconstruct from mile marker 3.5 and to near mile marker 10.5 in Springfield Township, Girard Township, and Platea Borough is expected for to done from 2021 to 2024. 

Another contract included repaving 10 miles of I-90 in Harborcreek, Greenfield and North East townships from the I-86 interchange to the New York state line was done from 2021 to 2023.

Also in 2022, resurfacing was done from mile miler 18 to mile marker 23. The project includes paving, new guiderail, concrete patching, and updated pavement markings and signs. 

The early design phase for a project focused on the reconstruction of mile marker 10.5 to mile marker 18 is underway and construction tentatively planned to get underway in 2028.  

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Project Updates


Work is scheduled to restart April 9, 2024, weather permitting, and will include minor drainage, cleanup work, and project landscaping as well as placement of the cable median barrier. Work is expected to be completed by August 2024.

Periodic, single lane, daylight closures will occur in both the eastbound and westbound lanes throughout the project length. Drivers should be alert for traffic pattern shifts and lane restrictions while anticipating travel delays during active work hours. ​


Short-term closures of Exit 9 (Route 18, Girard/Platea) for westbound traffic are scheduled to take place between Tuesday, July 25, 2023, and Thursday, July 27, 2023, weather permitting. Motorists should be alert for possible delays and are encouraged to take other routes whenever possible. Updates on traffic conditions in that area can be found by visiting

All traffic from mile marker 3.5 to mile marker 10.5 continues to be restricted to one lane in each direction. 


Additional work to remove the bridge that carries Route 699 (Route 99/Edinboro Road) over Interstate 90 in Summit Township, Erie County will require rolling closures and lane restrictions on the highway starting this week. 

A lane restriction will be in place for I-90 eastbound between the Interstate 79 interchange and Route 19 (Peach Street) from 8:00 PM on Wednesday, June 7 through 12:00 PM on Friday, June 9. 

A lane restriction will be in place for I-90 westbound between the I-79 interchange and Route 19 from 8:00 PM on Wednesday, June 14 through 12:00 PM on Friday, June 16.

During these hours motorists should be alert for rolling closures and should expect delays. 


A project to replace the bridge that carries Route 699 (Edinboro Road) over Interstate 90 in Summit Township, Erie County is expected to start April 3, 2023.

The bridge is located near the Interstate 79 interchange and approximately three miles north of the intersection with Grub Road (Route 4011). Additional information on the work can be found in the project press release.

There will be rolling stops on I-90 and the I-79 ramps to I-90 Monday through Thursday from April 3 to 28 while the beams from the existing bridge are removed. The rolling stops will predominately happen during nighttime work, but some daytime rolling stops might be needed as well. There will also be lane restrictions on I-90 near the bridge throughout the construction. 


Work from mile maker 3.5 to mile marker 10.5 will restart April 3, 2023, weather permitting, and will first include placing barriers along the eastbound lanes. This will require some nighttime work between April 5 to 10. Eastbound traffic will be limited to one lane starting in this phase and will remain that way through the 2023 construction season.

Once the barrier is in place, the westbound lanes will be closed, and traffic will be shifted to one lane along the eastbound side of the highway. 

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Project Details

Miles 3.5 to 10.5 - In Construction

The $66.1 million project, which is considered phases 2 and 3 of a long-term reconstruction plan, includes the 6.85-mile section of I-90 beginning near mile marker 3.5 and extending east to near mile marker 10.5, located in Springfield Township, Girard Township, and Platea Borough. Work included the replacement or rehabilitation of five bridges and teardrop roundabouts at the Route 18 interchange.

Throughout the project, work will also include updates to the drainage, guiderail, cable median barrier, highway lighting, and pavement markings. Lane closures and traffic control will be needed on the interstate and adjacent roads throughout the project.

Work in 2021 included construction of the new Route 215 bridge; intersection improvements at Underridge Road and Rea Road; emergency removal of the Route 18 bridge, preliminary work on the new Route 18 bridge; a highspeed cross-over near mile marker 9.5, and preservation work on the McKee Road bridge. 

In 2022, work included the reconstruction of the eastbound lanes of I-90, the completion of the Route 18 bridge and two teardrop roundabouts at Exit 9, and the replacement of the eastbound bridge over Neiger Road. 

In 2023, the project included the reconstruction of the westbound lanes of I-90 and the replacement of the westbound bridge over Neiger Road. All major work on the project will wrap up this year.

In 2024, work will include installing cable median barrier, landscaping, and other project finishing activities. Work is expected to restart on April 9, 2024 and to completed by August 2024. 

Miles 10.5 to 18 - In Design 

The early design phase for a project focused on the reconstruction of mile marker 10.5 to mile marker 18 is underway and construction tentatively planned to get underway in 2028. This project includes the reconstruction of approximately 7.5 miles of I-90 from just east of the Route 18 interchange to just east of the Route 832/Sterrettania Road interchange. As part of this project, the Beckman Road Bridge over I-90 will be replaced as well as the I-90 easbound and westbound bridges over Franklin Road.  

An in-person public meeting for the Beckman Road bridge portion of the project was held on December 15, 2022. Upon completion of that meeting and further evaluation of the data for the bridge, it was decided to replace the structure as part of this phase of work. Additional information about the bridge is available on the Beckman Road page. 

Miles 0 to 3.5 - Completed

This multi-year project improved nearly 11 miles of Interstate 90 in Summit, Springfield, Girard, and Fairview townships in Erie County.

The $37.6 million project included the removal and replacement of the Huntley Road (Route 3012) Bridge in Springfield Township, Erie County. The new concrete bridge, which offers a higher clearance height for traffic on I-90, was opened on October 11, 2019.

Preservation work from mile marker 10 to mile marker 18 in Girard and Fairview townships and the creations of high-speed crossovers needed for the second year of the project was also completed during the 2019 construction season.

Work to pave the westbound lanes from the Ohio/Pennsylvania state line to just east of the Route 6N exits was completed during the 2021 construction season.

Along with reconstructing the roadway, work included the installation of a new right-of-way fence and cable median barrier, brush removal, updated guiderail, and signs, as well as the design and construction of new sign foundations.

Miles 18 to 23 - Completed 

The $6.4 million resurfacing project included milling, paving and concrete patch repairs from mile marker 18 to mile marker 23 in McKean and Summit townships, Erie County. It included the Exit 18 ramps for (Route 832, Sterrettania) and the Interstate 79 interchange. Work included upgrades to drainage, guiderail, signing and pavement markings. The project was completed in the 2022 construction season and included nighttime work. 

Miles 35 to NY State Line - Completed

The approximately $18 million, multi-year project includes repaving more than 10 miles of I-90 in Harborcreek, Greenfield, and North East townships from the I-86 interchange at mile marker 35 to the New York state line. 

The project includes repairs to the culvert that carries I-90 over 16 Mile Creek near Exit 41 (Route 89) North East Township.  

In 2022, work included milling, paving, bridge repairs, and drainage upgrades on the east and westbound lanes from mile marker 35 near the Interstate 86 interchange to the New York Line.  

The third year of the project will include only a few minor finishing activities, as the project's major work was completed a year early.