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I-80 Canoe Creek Bridges

Project Description

The I-80 Canoe Creek bridges are dual multi-span structures (one eastbound and one westbound) that were built in 1966, were extended in 1985 and underwent multiple retrofits for fatigue-induced cracking since 2013. These bridges cross over Canoe Creek and Tippecanoe Road (SR 4005) in Beaver Township, Clarion County. Combined, they will carry an estimated average of 30,100 vehicles per day by 2025. About 50 percent of the traffic over these bridges is truck traffic.

The purpose of the I-80 Canoe Creek Bridges project is to provide a safe and reliable crossing of I-80 over Canoe Creek and Tippecanoe Road. The project is intended to replace the existing structures and update the roadway within the project limits to meet current design criteria and improve safety along the corridor. While both bridges have been repaired several times throughout their lifespan, recent inspections show the westbound bridge is in poor condition, and the eastbound bridge is in fair condition.

The project includes the total replacement of both the eastbound and westbound Canoe Creek bridges, as well as improved roadway alignment and geometry. The limits of the project extend approximately three miles on I-80, from the Knox interchange over the bridges to a pair of weigh stations near milepost 56.5. Part of the project also includes the rehabilitation of an existing reinforced concrete arch culvert (Thompson Hill Arch Culvert) that carries an unnamed tributary to Canoe Creek under I-80. The existing wingwalls at the inlet and outlet of the culvert are deteriorated and will be replaced. In addition, a reinforced concrete slab will be constructed along the floor of the culvert to prevent further scour of the streambed within the limits of the culvert.

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