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​2nd Street Pike & Bustleton Pike Roundabout Project

Project Location


In conjunction with Northampton Township, the Department will be advancing this project to construct a modern single lane roundabout at the intersection of 2nd Street Pike (SR 0232) and Bustleton Pike (SR 2065) in Northampton Township, Bucks County. The project includes the construction of realigned Township Road (T‐605) connector to link the roundabout to the existing Township Road (T‐605). The roundabout intersection will have four approaches which are as follows: 2nd Street Pike (western and northern approach), Bustleton Pike (SR 2065) (southern approach) and the proposed realigned Township Road (T‐605) (eastern approach). Additionally, it is proposed to realign the existing southern section of the existing Township Road (T‐605) (renamed Old Township Road) to create a 3‐legged T-intersection with the proposed realigned Township Road (T‐605). 

The existing intersection of 2nd Street Pike (SR 0232) and Bustleton Pike (SR 2065) is a skewed signalized T‐intersection and experiences high delays and long queues. The proposed roundabout will help decrease speeds through the corridor while aiding in safety and improving operations of the intersection.

Pedestrian safety improvements are also part of the project, and the accommodations will be enhanced with construction of a roundabout. Sidewalks are proposed along all legs of the Roundabout as well as continuously around the roundabout. Crosswalks are proposed on all the approaches of the roundabout to accommodate pedestrian movements. Refuge areas will be provided on each approach within the roundabout’s splitter islands to enable pedestrians to cross one direction of traffic at a time.

Northampton Township has substantially completed the design of the project (see the plans in the Resources section).  The Department will be completing the design development and constructing the project.