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​Buck Road Bridge over Mill Creek Replacement Project

Project Location


In conjunction with Northampton Township, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will be advancing this bridge replacement project along Buck Road (SR 0532), which includes intersection improvements at Old Bristol Road (SR 2025) in Northampton Township, Bucks County.  The improvements along Buck Road (SR 0532) begin 650' south of the intersection with Old Bristol Road (SR 2025) and extend 750' north of the intersection, adjacent to the intersection with Chinquapin Road (SR 2025).  The improvements extend 520' to the east along Old Bristol Road (SR 2025) from the intersection with Buck Road (SR 0532).  The project improvements will include the replacement of the bridge over Mill Creek, replacement of the traffic signal at the intersection, an extended southbound left-turn lane on Buck Road (SR 0532), and dedicated westbound left-turn and right-turn lanes on Old Bristol Road (SR 2025).  Pedestrian facilities, including sidewalk, crosswalks, and ADA curb ramps are proposed along Buck Road (SR 0532) to provide connectivity between the commercial properties on either side of the intersection.  The corridors will be upgraded to meet the current standards for guide rail, barrier, pavement markings, and driveway connections.  The drainage facilities will be upgraded to convey stormwater out of the proposed roadway.

The existing Buck Road (SR 0532) corridor through Holland Village is narrow and heavily congested with the convergence of two high volume roadways at the intersection of Buck Road (SR 0532) and Old Bristol Road (SR 2025).  The existing lane widths are narrow with minimal to no shoulders, no sidewalks, and limited drainage facilities.  Multiple turning movements along Buck Road (SR 0532) and onto Chinquapin Road (SR 2025) and Old Bristol Road (SR 2025) obstruct traffic flow.  The single westbound lane on Old Bristol Road (SR 2025) and the existing left-turn lane on Buck Road (SR 0532) are inadequate and currently creates significant traffic delays during the weekday afternoon peak hour.

As part of the bridge replacement, the structure will be widened to accommodate a longer southbound left-turn lane at the intersection with Old Bristol Road (SR 2025) with a 2' northbound and 5' southbound shoulder, and to provide sidewalk for pedestrian connectivity.  Old Bristol Road (SR 2025) will be widened to accommodate dedicated left and right turn lanes at the intersection with Buck Road (SR 0532).  The traffic signal equipment at the intersection will be replaced.

Northampton Township has completed the preliminary engineering for the project.  The Department will be completing the final design and constructing the project.