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​Lawn Avenue Reconstruction

This proposed project is for the reconstruction of Lawn Avenue (SR 4033) starting at its intersection with Maple Avenue and ending approximately 100 feet from its intersection with Farmers Lane in Sellersville Borough, Bucks County. In general, the project includes the widening of Lawn Avenue, reconstruction of existing sidewalk and construction of new sidewalk, addressing insufficient curve radii throughout, and improvements to drainage infrastructure. Minor acquisition of Right-of-Way immediately adjacent to the roadway and sidewalks is anticipated to accommodate the widening proposed.




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​Maple Avenue to Noble Street

From Maple Avenue to Noble Street the existing conditions include a 20-foot wide roadway with sidewalks on either side. The existing width of the roadway is capable of support two 10 foot travel lanes with no shoulders. The existing sidewalk is inconsistent in its material, with a mixture of sections of brick, asphalt, and concrete. The condition of the sidewalk is generally poor with large cracks, severely degraded sections, and upheaved sections. In some sections of the sidewalk, utility poles have been placed, obstructing the pedestrian pathway. Curb radius at the W. Church Street and Cherry Street intersections is insufficient for the anticipated design vehicles and the horizontal curve radius is insufficient for the curve located just south of the W. Church Street intersection. Additionally, sight distance for vehicles turning on to Maple Avenue is insufficient.

​Noble Street to Farmers Lane

From Noble Street to Farmers Lane the existing conditions include a 20-foot wide roadway which accommodates two 10-foot travel lanes, no shoulder. For the majority of this section of Lawn Avenue there are no sidewalks however, at the northern terminus of the project sidewalk is present immediately surrounding the intersection with Farmers Lane. Turning radius at the intersection of Noble Avenue is insufficient, especially given the increased observance of vehicles at this intersection and throughout this section of Lawn Avenue. The horizontal curve just to the north of the Noble Avenue intersection is insufficient and there is a history of vehicles running off of the road at this location.