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​Rosedale Road Over Branch of Unami Creek Bridge Replacements

Project Location


This project involves the replacement of two structures on Rosedale Road (SR 4059) over branches of Unami Creek in Milford Township, Bucks County.
  • The first structure is a Concrete Encased Steel I‐Beam with Reinforced Concrete Slab Extension Culvert (BMS# 09‐4059‐0060‐0879) that has a span of 13 feet and a curb‐to‐curb width of 17.5 feet. The existing culvert is skewed 49 degrees to the roadway.
  • The second structure is a concrete-encased rolled Steel I‐Beams Simple, Composite Bridge (BMS# 09‐4059‐0060‐1248) with a 32‐foot length span, curb‐to‐curb width of 17.3 feet, and is skewed 90 degrees to the roadway. This existing bridge is situated approximately 350 feet east of the existing culvert.

The average daily traffic (ADT) on Rosedale Road is 812 vehicles per day (2022). Both existing structures are in poor condition. The culvert is load-posted for 35 tons, except for combinations of 40 tons.

The existing structures will be replaced on the same horizontal alignment with minor grade changes to the vertical alignment to meet the current criteria:
  • The existing culvert will be replaced with a precast concrete box culvert with a clear span of 13 feet and a clear roadway width of 24 feet. Type 10M barrier will be utilized. The culvert will be skewed at 48 degrees to the roadway to better align with the existing stream channel.
  • The existing bridge will be replaced with prestressed concrete spread box beams with integral abutments with a span of 40 feet and a clear roadway width of 24 feet. Type 10M barrier will be utilized. The bridge will be skewed at 90 degrees to the roadway.

Other work will include:
  • 325 feet of full-depth roadway reconstruction will occur between the two structures.
  • Roadway reconstruction will extend approximately 175 feet along the western approach and approximately 130 feet along the eastern approach.
  • The reconstructed roadway will be widened to support two (2) 10‐foot travel lanes and two (2) 2‐foot shoulders for a 24‐foot section.
  • The existing guide rail will be removed and replaced with guide rail and crash‐worthy end treatments by current standards.
  • The existing stormwater channelizing ditch on the north side of the roadway between the culvert and the bridge will be rehabilitated.

Permanent right-of-way acquisition is required. Temporary construction easements will be required for contractor access during construction.

The project funding includes federal and state funds.