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​Route 32 Bridge over Tributary to Delaware River Replacement

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On September 1, 2021, the existing bridge experienced severe storm damage as a result of flooding from the remnants of Hurricane Ida. The existing bridge is a 10-foot long, two-lane, single-span structure with a bituminous wearing surface on a concrete slab and supported on concrete abutments. This corridor of roadway is currently classified as a rural minor arterial.

Storm damage included undermining of the bridge abutments due to the existing streambed scouring out. In addition, there was a roadway and embankment wash-out. Temporary repairs have been made to the roadway and the streambed, including guide rail replacement, repaving the roadway, and clearing out of the streambed to reopen the road.

The proposed scope of work includes:
  • Existing bridge is to be replaced.
  • Replacement structure will be a reinforced concrete box culvert.
  • Proposed span length will be similar to the existing one.
  • Proposed curb-to-curb width is 22 feet.
  • Proposed bridge barrier will be a structure-mounted guide rail painted brown.
  • Minimal approach roadway work is anticipated.
  • Existing horizontal alignment of River Road will be maintained.
  • Changes to the existing vertical profile will be minimal.
  • Utility poles will be temporarily relocated on the west side of the roadway to facilitate construction.
  • Approach guide rail along River Road will be replaced and painted brown.
  • Existing fence along River Road behind the guide rail will be removed and reinstalled.
  • Repairs will be made to the roadway embankment.
  • Debris will be removed at the bridge, from the Tributary to the Delaware Canal, and the Delaware Canal.  The clay liner of the Delaware Canal will be restored to its existing condition.