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​​​U.S. 202 and York Road Roundabout Construction

Project Location


This proposed project includes improvements to two intersections on U.S. 202 in Buckingham Township, PA

The proposed work at the U.S. 202 and Route 263 intersection includes:
  • Reconstructing and converting the existing unsignalized T-intersection into a modern roundabout.
  • Installing intersection lighting.
  • Constructing stormwater management facilities.
  • Constructing sidewalks, multi-use trails, and ADA crossings.

The proposed work at the U.S. 202 and Route 413 intersection includes:
  • Constructing right-turn lanes on U.S. 202.
  • Improving alignment of left-turn lanes on all approaches.
  • Adjusting traffic signal displays to align with new lane configuration. 
  • Replacing guide rail in northwest and southeast quadrants.


The purpose of the project is to reduce congestion and the number and severity of potential crashes at the intersection. Additionally, the project will improve the operations of the intersection, emergency vehicle access and mobility, and the absence of pedestrian access within the area of the intersection.

Project Outreach

PennDOT held a virtual public meeting for the safety improvement project on Tuesday, May 21, 2024. The department's design team delivered a project presentation before answering questions from attendees.​

Members of the public who were unable to attend the meeting can view the meeting recording​ and copy of the project materials on this webpage. An online comment form is also available to submit feedback or questions.