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North Valley Road Bridge Relocation

‚ÄčNorth Valley Road Bridge Relocation

This project will look to replace the existing bridge carrying North Valley Road (SR 1005) over Amtrak/SEPTA railroad tracks with a new bridge over the railroad and new roadway extension from the intersection of Lancaster Avenue and Darby Road in Tredyffrin and Willistown townships, Chester County.  The project also includes improvements at the offset intersection of East Central Avenue and West Central Avenue with North Valley Road; improvements to the existing parking areas for the train station; new access roadways under the North Darby Road extension for a future parking garage; traffic signal modifications at North Valley Road/Lancaster Avenue and Darby Road/Lancaster Avenue; removal of the existing North Valley Road Bridge; and modifications of North Valley Road between Lancaster Avenue and the railroad.

The overall Paoli Transportation Center program includes three phases. Phase 1 was construction of a pedestrian bridge and ADA improvements at the station building which was completed in 2019. Phase 2 includes this PennDOT project including the highway improvements and relocation of North Valley Road. Phase 3 is a potential future parking garage in the area of the south parking lot adjacent to Lancaster Avenue. All three phase are being developed in cooperation with Amtrak and SEPTA.


Project Schedule

Task Estimated Date
Final Design Engineering completeSpring/Summer 2022
Letting of the project for construction                   Summer 2024
Right of Way Acquisition/Demolition of acquired buildingsLate 2022/Early 2023
Start constructionLate 2024/ Early 2025
Finish constructionLate 2026/ Early 2027