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​​US 1 (Kennett-Oxford Bypass) Reconstruction Project

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The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is currently advancing a series of projects that will reconstruct the Kennett-Oxford Bypass, a 22.5-mile limited access highway designated as U.S. 1 which runs between the PA/MD line in West Nottingham Township and Schoolhouse Road in East Marlborough Township, Chester County.

Proposed roadway work includes full-depth reconstruction of the existing pavement, minor shoulder widening, guide rail replacement, drainage improvements, and new stormwater management facilities.  Proposed bridge work includes rehabilitation or replacement of sixteen mainline bridges, nineteen overpass bridges, and seven culverts along the corridor.  The mainline pavement will be lowered, or the intersecting roadway will be raised at each overpass to obtain the required vertical clearance over the bypass.  Proposed traffic operations improvements include lengthening of acceleration and deceleration lanes at entrance and exit ramps, intersection control improvements at the ramp terminal intersections, and intelligent transportation systems including CCTV cameras and Dynamic Message Signs.   

Approach roadway work is proposed at the intersecting roadways including Sylmar Rd, Ridge Rd, PA 272, PA 472, PA 10, PA 896, PA 796, PA 841, PA 41, Newark Rd and PA 82 to accommodate turning lanes and profile adjustments at the interchanges.  Ramp terminal intersections are being studied for improved intersection control such as new traffic signals or roundabouts.  The intersections of Chatham Road (PA 841) & E. Evergreen St, and E. Evergreen St (PA 841) & Oakland Ave in West Grove Borough are included in this study and will be improved as part of the project.

These projects will coordinate with local trail initiatives and potentially incorporate trail improvements in select locations as shown in Chester County’s Southern Chester County Circuit Trail Feasibility Study.

The corridor has been broken into four sections as follows for design and construction phasing purposes:

  • MPMS# 113307 – Section 110 – U.S. 1 from the PA/MD line to just south of the PA 472 interchange (4.5 miles).
  • MPMS# 14580 – Section 100 – U.S. 1 from the PA 472 interchange to just north of the PA 896 interchange (6 miles).
  • MPMS# 14581 – Section 200 – U.S. 1 from just north of the PA 896 interchange to just north of the PA 41 interchange (6.5 miles).
  • MPMS# 113312 – Section 210 – U.S. 1 from just north of the PA 41 interchange to Schoolhouse Road (5.5 miles).


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