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Ridge and Germantown Pikes' Intersection Improvements

Project Location


This project is located in Lower Providence Township, Montgomery County, and involves improvements to alleviate congestion and traffic delays, improve safety and enhance overall regional mobility.  It includes eliminating the existing poorly skewed signalized intersection of Germantown Pike (County) and Ridge Pike (SR 4031) near the Perkiomen Creek Bridge and relocating it (with a new traffic signal) approximately 1,300 feet east on Ridge Pike. To accommodate the shifted intersection, construction of a new Germantown Pike Connector Road (on new alignment) from the existing Germantown Pike (at a proposed roundabout) extending across Ridge Pike to Pechins Mill Road (township) is proposed. The existing stop sign-controlled River Road (SR 4009)/Germantown Pike t-intersection will be removed and River Road will be extended east to the proposed roundabout. Roadway widening on Ridge Pike and Pechins Mill Road is required. New storm drainage pipes/inlets, and stormwater management facilities, will be installed throughout the entire project area.

An in-person public meeting was held in preliminary engineering on November 14, 2018, and a virtual public meeting was held at the start of the final design on May 6, 2021.  Public feedback was collected at both meetings.