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​​​​​Police Crash Reporting Tools

Ensuring police have the most current tools for crash reporting is a high priority for PennDOT. The links below will help enhance the ease of completing crash reports via education, direction, and clarification.

Open-Book Knowledge Skills Quiz

​The Open-Book Knowledge Skills Q​uiz​ is an additional tool for agency training purposes. The quiz contains a variety of quest​io​ns based on specific situations and scenario​s. It will help to determine what areas PennDOT may need to expand upon during training sessions, in newsletter content, etc.​ 

Newsletter Archives

The Dispatch provides up-to-date information relayed quarterly on timely topics, such as new safety initiatives, tips for crash reporting, and crash system updates. These newsletters are sent to all police agency contacts across Pennsylvania. If you are an agency contact and have not been receiving these newsletters or you have an agency contact you know would be interested, please email your request to PennDOT Crash Help at

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Crash Information Sheet

The newly revised Police Crash Information Sheet (DOC) provides an editable version of all necessary information to be collected in the field for reference when completing the formal Crash Report online. Although the Crash Information Sheet is not a replacement for the current submission of online Crash Reports, it can be used as a very efficient aide.

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AA600 Driver Report Form

The primary objective of the AA600 Driver Report Form (PDF) is to obtain information, which can be used to develop accident prevention and reduction programs aimed at decreasing accidents and accident losses. PennDOT only collects AA600 forms filed by drivers involved in reportable motor vehicle crashes when police do not perform a crash investigation. This form cannot be accepted if signed and filed by passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, vehicle owners, or property owners.​ 


Regional Traffic Records Project Administrator (TRPA)

The Regional TRPA Map names the Traffic Records Project Administrator who guides your area along with their contact information.


Traffic Records Project Administrator Contact Information
Area 1

Administrator: James Moriarty
Phone: (215) 292-0433

Area 2
Administrator: Gordon Beck
Phone: (215) 219-8575

Area 3
Administrator: Rick Leymeister
Phone:v (570) 516-7881

Area 4
Administrator:  Michael Ragan
Phone: (412) 372-9488