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​Winter By The Numbers

PennDOT maintains nearly 40,000 miles of roads and 25,400 bridges statewide, which translates into nearly 95,600 snow-lane miles — enough to circle the globe nearly four times! To tackle this task, PennDOT uses a variety of equipment and materials.


  • Plow Trucks: 2,198
  • Rental Trucks*: 400
  • Snow Blowers: 47
  • Anti-Icing Units: 203
  • Brine-Making Facilities: 65
  • Municipal Agreement: 655
  • Operators (Includes anticipated temporary operators): 4,700
  • Snow-Lane Miles: 95,165
  • Tons of Anti-Skid Used**: 525,000
  • Winter Costs**: $298 Million
  • Gallons of Salt Brine***: 12.3 Million
  • Tons of Salt Used**: 807,766

* Estimated number of rental trucks
** Average amount used over last five winters
*** Amount used 2020-2021 winter


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Pennsylvania Counties


    ​Each county's budget numbers are rounded up. District totals are calculated using the actual total number and rounded up.

    * Planned budget includes personnel, rented equipment, winter materials, and municipal agreements. The budget may change through the season depending on needs.
    ** Anticipated temporary operators
    *** Budget spent 2020-2021 winter