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Student Opportunities

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PennDOT provides a variety of programs for students from elementary through post-secondary school to explore careers in the transportation field. These programs include college internships, the High School Intern (HSI) Program, job shadows, group career exploration events, and tours.

Internships: College and After High School

PennDOT's summer internship program provides college students with the opportunity to experience the practical application of the principles they are learning about in the classroom. Hiring more than 600 interns each summer, PennDOT has a need for students majoring in engineering disciplines such as civil, environmental, architectural, mechanical, etc., and non-engineering programs such as business administration, communications, accounting, computer science, and many other majors that are applicable to PennDOT operations. Students selected for these internships will be exposed to meaningful work as they contribute to ongoing PennDOT projects both in the field and in an office setting.

Summer internship hours are full-time, and, for this reason, they typically conclude when students return to school for the fall semester. If an intern has the ability to work full-time hours, the internship can span from April through as late as October. To be eligible, students must maintain full-time enrollment status for the following fall semester. Full-time enrollment is defined as being registered for 12 or more undergraduate credits (nine or more graduate credits). Students must have completed their first year of college in a two-year associate degree program or four-year bachelor's degree program by the start of the internship and be in good academic standing (a GPA of 2.0 or higher).

Students may be able to obtain academic credit by participating in PennDOT's internship program in addition to the valuable work experience and compensation they will receive during the internship. Interested students should discuss this with their academic adviser to determine if their school offers credit for paid internships.

Generally, applications can be submitted beginning in the December/January timeframe. To apply for a PennDOT summer internship, visit the internships section of the commonwealth's employment site.

PennDOT College Student Summer Worker (DOT Student Employee)

An additional summer employment opportunity for college students is the College Student Summer Worker (DOT Student Employee) position with PennDOT (PA Department of Transportation).  This could be just the job for an enterprising student pursuing any type of postsecondary education who may not be eligible for a summer internship but is looking to earn extra money during the summer.

Must be a high school graduate or college/postsecondary student enrolled in any area of study on a full-time basis in a 2- or 4-year postsecondary education program for the fall semester.  Requires good academic standing (as defined by a GPA of 2.0 or higher).  Must be 18 years of age, or older.

Typically, this position will assist in seasonal maintenance work, crash system input and analysis, and maintenance/custodial services at roadside rest facilities.  Many students also perform laboring and flagging duties in maintenance organizations and at highway worksites.

This position is a great way to become familiar with PennDOT operations for students who have yet to complete their first year of college or postsecondary education/training, or who are unsure of the direction their education/training is going to take.

To apply, visit the Internships Section of the commonwealth's employment page.  Search for the PennDOT College Student Summer Worker position (or DOT Student Employee position).  For questions, please submit an e-mail or call 717.857.3309. 

High School Intern (HSI) Program

The High School Intern (HSI) Program offers rewarding opportunities to students to explore and define career interests and goals.  (The HSI Program has replaced the STEP Program.)

High school internships with PennDOT are posted as they become available.  Regularly check for new postings on the Commonwealth Intern Postings Page. Students apply online.  They can browse internship opportunities any time of the year.  Look for opportunities designated for high school students.  Check the above referenced site on a continual basis for new high school postings.

Eligibility:  High school students in junior- or senior-year status, at least age 16 by the start date of the internship, along with any other requirements listed.  Students can apply to postings beyond their county of residence, if they believe it is a manageable commute to the listed worksite address.

Forms:  We have worked closely with the Pennsylvania Department of Education to develop a Training Plan, Training Agreement, and Student Performance Evaluation for this program.  The student's school must agree to use and sign these forms.

Student Communications:  After applying, students must check their e-mail in-box, junk mail filter, and voicemail on a regular basis for updates and notifications.  Failure to do so may result in a missed opportunity to interview or accept an offer of internship employment.

Questions:  A contact is listed on each internship posting.  Or, for general HSI Program questions, please email us. 

Job Shadow

Deciding on a future career may be difficult, but also exciting. The PennDOT job shadow program provides an opportunity for high school, trade, and college students to spend a half or full day with a skilled PennDOT employee. Through participation in job shadowing, students are able to immerse themselves in a learning environment and determine if the nature of work observed aligns with their interests and career goals.

Students can observe employees in administration, planning, design, construction, maintenance, and multimodal operations. They are also able to job shadow trade-related jobs like diesel mechanics and CDL equipment operators in PennDOT's county maintenance offices.

The job shadow program provides an opportunity for PennDOT to share professional experience and knowledge in a real-world setting regarding engineering, technical, and other non-engineering careers.

For questions, please submit an e-mail.

Group Career Exploration

Group Career Exploration events, which are similar to job shadows, are designed to introduce students to PennDOT operations and the career pathways that are available. Through activities such as speakers, facility, or job-site tours, and hands-on activities specifically related to PennDOT jobs, students in elementary through high school can explore careers that may open doors to their future. Through collaborative relationships with schools and communities, PennDOT fosters career exploration by promoting awareness about PennDOT careers.


PennDOT offers tours of its facilities, offices, and construction sites and the opportunity to speak with PennDOT professionals, based on available staff and safety protocols.

For further information regarding career exploration opportunities, contact our central office or the regional office in the district you wish to visit.