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Shapiro Administration Announces Improved Online Experience at PennDOT, More Than 20 Commonly-Used Driver Licensing and Motor Vehicle Forms Can Now Be Submitted Online


Shapiro Administration continues to work to improve customer experience and make Commonwealth services more accessible

Harrisburg, PA – In keeping with Governor Josh Shapiro's commitment to serve Pennsylvanians more effectively and efficiently, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) announced today that over 20 driver licensing and motor vehicle forms are now available for electronic submission to provide faster and more efficient customer service to our residents. This announcement comes just one week after Governor Shapiro signed an Executive Order establishing the Commonwealth Office of Digital Experience (CODE PA) to improve online services and make it easier for Pennsylvanians to connect with the vital resources provided by the Commonwealth. 

"Anything we can do to make our services more convenient for our customers is a win," said Acting PennDOT Secretary Mike Carroll. "PennDOT is committed to modernizing our operations, shorter wait times and giving customers new ways to complete services from the comfort of their homes - without having to visit a driver license center."

Over 20 commonly-used driver licensing and motor vehicle forms that require a signature can now be completed, signed, and submitted online, including the self-certification form for commercial driving, the statement of non-operation of vehicles form, several medical forms, and more. Allowing customers to submit these forms electronically will allow PennDOT staff to start processing them more quickly, cutting down on customer wait times.

Forms that are available for electronic submission will be listed on the Forms, Publication and Maps website page with a "DS" suffix in their document number. When these forms are selected, instructions for secure submission will be provided. Printable/downloadable versions of these forms will continue to be available. PennDOT will continue to add more forms for electronic submission as they become available.  

Many common services, like vehicle and driver's license renewal, address changes, and much more, are available online through PennDOT's Driver and Vehicle Services website, as well as including all forms, publications, and driver training manuals. Online services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week that include driver's license, photo ID and vehicle registration renewals; driver-history services; changes of address; driver license and vehicle registration restoration letters; ability to pay driver license or vehicle insurance restoration fee; driver license and photo ID duplicates; and driver exam scheduling. There are no additional fees for using online services. The use of online services continues to grow as customers experience the ease of use and savings in time online transactions offer at no additional cost.

Customers who received their first Pennsylvania driver's license, learner's permit or photo ID card after September 2003 may be able to pre-verify for REAL ID online. For more information on REAL ID issuance and pre-verification, please visit PennDOT's REAL ID website.

Additionally, customers who have a Person with Disabilities Parking Placard have the option to renew, receive a replacement or update their address on their permanent Persons with Disabilities Parking Placard online. Customers with Temporary Person with Disabilities Parking Placards will also be able to update their address and request replacement identification credentials through this online service. To renew a placard online or to obtain additional information on services provided, including how to obtain a placard, please visit the Person with Disabilities Information page on the Driver and Vehicle Services website. Placard holders will continue to receive a renewal form by mail approximately 60 days prior to their expiration.

Below is the full list of documents that are now available for electronic submission:
DL-11CD: Self-Certification Form
DL-17: Statement of Non-Ownership of Vehicle(s)
DL-16LC: Acknowledgment of Suspension/Revocation/Disqualification/Cancellation
MV-221: Statement of Non-Operation Of Vehicle(s)
MV-401: Safety Inspection Category Removal Request
MV-421: County of Residence Verification
MV-450: Application For Waiver of Hours
MV-591: Application for Certification as Official Speedometer Testing & Calibration
MV-700: Application For Refund of Motor Vehicle/Driver License Products
DL-13: Initial Reporting Form
DL-102: Report of Eye Examination
DL-104: School Bus General Psychiatric Form
DL-120: Medical Cardiovascular Form
DL-121: School Bus Seizure Reporting Form
DL-122: Diabetic Form
DL-122B: School Bus Driver Diabetic Waiver
DL-123: General Medical Form
DL-123A: School Bus General Medical Form
DL-124: General Neurological Form
DL-124A: School Bus General Neurological Form
DL-126: Orthopedic Form
DL-126A: School Bus Orthopedic Form
DL-128: Substance Use Form
DL-128A: School Bus Substance Abuse Form
DL-129: Loss of Consciousness
DL-129SB: School Bus Driver Loss of Consciousness
DL-131: Cognitive Impairment Form

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