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PennDOT and WTS Team up for Executive Leader Shadowing Program

March 09, 2020 07:00 AM
By: Jan Huzvar

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​The Executive Leader Shadowing Program is a joint venture by PennDOT and the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of Women's Transportation Seminar (WTS) that offers early to mid-level professionals the opportunity to apply to spend the day shadowing a PennDOT executive.

This program, unique among government transportation agencies, offers a potentially life-changing experience to those who express a sincere desire to learn more about the key role that PennDOT plays in the lives of every Pennsylvanian.

Interested individuals should visit to view the PennDOT executives (PDF) who have agreed to participate in the program and fill out an application (PDF). Applications are reviewed by members of the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of WTS, and successful candidates are then scheduled for their opportunity by way of the central press office.

Learn more about the PennDOT/WTS Executive Leader Shadowing program here.

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