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We've turned 50! Help us tell PennDOT's story

July 09, 2020 12:00 PM
By: Erin Waters-Trasatt

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​PennDOT was created on July 1, 1970 – that means we recently celebrated 50 years of building communities. We're reaching out to current employees who were here from the beginning (or close to it), but we need help from you, too!

If you, a friend or family member worked for the department when we began, we'd love to hear your stories. Please fill in our 50th Anniversary Submission Form (open it in Chrome) and we'll do the rest! If you have questions, email us at

Through the years, PennDOT's dedicated employees have been the backbone of our organization. We appreciate your help in sharing their stories!

We're always looking for innovative solutions to improve transportation for the future, but we still realize the importance of our history. Visit to learn more about our past.

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