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Seal Coating Alternate Work Schedules Lead to Cost Savings and Increased Productivity

October 26, 2020 12:00 PM
By: Tina Gibbs

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​COVID-19 has impacted many things about the way we do business, but we've used creative solutions to work within guidelines while saving money and increasing employee productivity.

In PennDOT District 10, Indiana and Jefferson counties implemented alternate work schedules with the Sealcoat Operations crews to continue to continue completing jobs efficiently without overtime. Using this solution, crews increased production by 17% while showing an overall 56% reduction in overtime costs based on the 2019 costs.

"Even with the challenges we've faced with COVID-19, our employees continue to step up and get things done," said Matt Burkett, assistant district executive for maintenance. "The crews and management in Jefferson and Indiana counties understand the importance of sealcoat to preserve our roads and were willing to step out of their comfort zone to ensure success."

"They should be proud of the work they completed and the flexibility in negotiating the terms of the side agreement to make it all happen," Burkett added.

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