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Public shares stories, thanks after recent snowstorms

January 04, 2021 10:00 AM
By: Allison Beck

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​At PennDOT, we've been preparing for this winter season since the last one ended. We're dedicated to keeping roads open and passable during every storm, and that's no easy task! We maintain nearly 40,000 miles of roads and 25,000 bridges statewide — which translates into approximately 95,600 snow-lane miles, or enough to circle the globe nearly four times.

Dedicated PennDOT crews work around the clock during winter storms, treating roadways until precipitation stops and roads are clear. Sometimes our operators stumble upon unusual situations during their usual routes.

Going the Extra Mile

You may have heard about our operator in Pittsburgh who helped an elderly woman get to her destination safely during the storm on Christmas. That's just one example of PennDOT employees going above and beyond the call of duty to help their fellow Pennsylvanians.

After finding themselves in sticky situations, these customers were quick to show their gratitude for the plow truck drivers who helped them get home safely:

"It was approximately 5:00 pm and I needed help in the snowstorm. I was stuck… Your plow driver stopped and helped me. I was frantic. No cell service and it was getting dark. He helped me and got me going again. I made it home safe and sound. I am truly thankful for his help."

Janet, Columbia County

"I was traveling through the heavy snowfall in Bentleyville Borough, attempting to get home from work. With the poor road conditions, I was sliding on ice and the roads were in sub-par condition. As I was traveling down Main Street (State Route 917), there was a PennDOT truck in front of me. The driver must have saw how I was struggling to drive and access the roads, and I was struggling to make it home. The driver yelled out his window and asked where I was attempting to go. I told him I was trying to get home but did not think I was going to make it because of the roads. He told me that the direction I was going was his "plow route" and for me to keep distance behind the truck, but to stay right behind him and that he would plow the road in front of me and lay salt down behind him, in front of me as I was driving. If it was not for this driver, I may not have been able to make it home. This driver deserves HUGE recognition for his great act of kindness and dedication to helping the drivers of the roads of Pennsylvania."

Luke, Washington County

Thank you to all the plow drivers across Pennsylvania who work hard to keep our roads safe! Interested in a career with PennDOT? We're still hiring for our Winter Maintenance Program. Learn more and apply today at

If you'd like to share feedback or kudos about service you've received, please share the good news with us by filling out this kudos form.

Do Your Part This Winter

Every Pennsylvanian plays an important role in winter road safety. You should be mindful of winter weather forecasts and consider changing long-distance travel plans when possible. If you must travel in a storm, take all needed supplies (PDF) and familiarize yourself with our winter driving tips before you leave. has all the latest information about roadway conditions and restrictions during winter storms. The site also allows you to track your plow status! Download the 511PA app to get info on the go.

You can report immediate needs or safety issues by calling 1-800-FIX-ROAD or using our online Customer Care Center. For emergencies or unsafe conditions, you should always call 9-1-1.

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