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Dedicated Adopt A Highway group celebrates 30 years together

January 29, 2021 10:00 AM
By: Jan Huzvar

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​PennDOT is quite proud of its Adopt A Highway program where volunteers beautify roadsides two miles at a time. Through the program, a civic or volunteer group signs a two-year agreement to pick up litter at least twice a year. In return, PennDOT posts recognition signs along the adopted roadway to give the group full credit for their efforts.

We are delighted to share some well-deserved recognition for Seipstown Grange #1657 that achieved 30 years of participation in this community service. Their accomplishment was documented in this article that recently appeared in the Lehigh Valley Press News - written by journalist and Grange Adopt A Highway volunteer Ann Wertman:  Grange celebrates 30 years in PennDOT program.

In addition to the article, Wertman commented on the Grange's commitment as follows:

"Looking back these 30 years on a litter cleanup detail covering 11 miles of highway …

1st… I need to THANK all the dedicated Seipstown Grange #1657 team members and our local community supporters, including our local 4-H clubs, who made this journey possible, including many no longer able to participate and many who have earned their wings…hopefully there is no litter in Heaven.  And, thank you to everyone who is fighting litter wherever they are located!

2nd…You  love the natural beauty of our Earth and quickly REALIZE this tedious and sadly repetitious community service you've endeared yourself to for hours along what feels like a public speedway IS IN YOUR BLOOD when for days after a cleanup you count every new piece of litter which appears with select words under your breath and ask WHY?

3rd… You contemplate the image of every bag plus each miscellaneous item too large for a garbage bag collected during these 30 years from these many miles being on one huge heap…SADLY we would have a new mountain to name and EVEN MORE SAD, without everyone's future dedication to doing their part each and every day to eliminate this problem… a mountain range appears."

PennDOT Roadway Program Coordinator Carl Wesneski offered high praise for Seipstown Grange #1657.

 "PennDOT's Adopt A Highway program would not be possible without the tireless efforts of our groups. With that recognition, PennDOT congratulates Seipstown Grange on their 30+ years of active participation in Adopt A Highway," he said.

"Their dedication epitomizes the very best of Pennsylvanians and the AAH program!  PennDOT looks forward to the next 30 years of continued partnership with Seipstown Grange. Once again congratulations on this momentous milestone!"

Those interested in signing up for PennDOT's Adopt A Highway program are encouraged to visit Adopt A Highway on the Roadside Beautification page of


Pictured prior to the soon to be updated 30-year sign are:
Front L to R:  Ann Wertman, Pat Pavelco, Glenn Reeder
Rear L to R:  Ronnie Derr, Lyla Derr, Grant Mertz, Jill Mertz

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