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Meet Todd Kravits: District Traffic Engineer

December 10, 2021 04:00 PM
By: Steve Cowan

Todd Kravits began his PennDOT District 11 career in June of 1984 as a Civil Engineer Trainee (CET). After completing his CET rotation, and later being promoted to a Senior Civil Engineer in the Plans Unit, in 1999 Todd went on to become a Senior Civil Engineer Manager within the Design Unit. Since 2004, he has led the Traffic Division as the District Traffic Engineer. 

Managing the traffic engineering and operations while helping to maintain safety for the traveling public, Todd believes it is important to provide great customer service to everyone using our transportation system. Taking the time to listen to customers and do everything possible to resolve their concerns, are goals he strives for every day. As a representative of the department he understands the value of public perception and serving the public the best way possible. 

Over the years, there have been great colleagues who have taken Todd under their wing and mentored him as he took on new roles within the department. From former designers, engineers, district executives and even deputy secretaries, these people have shared their wisdom, contributing to Todd's motivation and experience throughout his career.  Some of the projects he is most proud of include the collaborative effort between PennDOT and four other agencies to construct a $40 million Liberty Tunnel Interchange and culvert replacement, in 2001 the Design Unit let 61 projects (45 of which were designed in-house) for $231 million, the five mile reconstruction of Interstate 79 and two rest stops almost 30 years ago in Lawrence County, and the beginning of the 24-hour/7 days a week/365 days a year operations of the Regional Traffic Management Center in 2007. "However, what really made all these moments special and what I'm especially proud of, was the collaboration and teamwork displayed by both our internal and external partners," said Kravits.  "And that's one of the things I've been most proud of over these past 37 and a half years – the people that I've had the privilege to get to know, work with and the friendships that have resulted." 

Considering the many projects he has worked on, along with the his expertise in traffic safety, Todd has become a District 11 "go-to" person for media interviews on the respective topic. While not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, Todd keeps a cool, calm and collected attitude when interviewed. He attributes this to being prepared and asking for the information the reporters are looking for ahead of time, to ensure he has what they need. "Also, over the years, I've built some good relationships and trust with the reporters, which is essential to feeling comfortable," said Kravits. 

As insight comes with experience, when asked what advice he has for younger engineers starting their careers, Todd responded: "Take advantage of any and all opportunities for trainings, cross trainings and rotations to other units to broaden your skills and knowledge. There's an old saying, 'A man's gift opens the way for him, it gives him access to great people.' Use you're your gift, talents, abilities and knowledge to help others and you'll truly benefit from all the great people you'll meet along the way, making the work you do will be much more enjoyable." 

When thinking about hanging up his PennDOT hard hat and making the move into retirement, Todd appreciates the variety of projects he has been able to play a role in and that there has never been a dull moment in District 11. However, more than anything else he will certainly miss the people. "Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of great people both inside and outside of PennDOT. Each of them has their own story," said Kravits.  

Although he is leaving his options open for the next chapter of his life, Todd is excited for more opportunities to travel to the beach, spend time with friends and family and continue to volunteer within his religion.  

Todd Kravits has been a great asset to PennDOT for many years. Although he will be missed greatly for his wealth of knowledge, dependability, and team player attitude he brings to the department, his colleagues will wish him well once he starts his journey of retirement.  

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