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October 17, 2022 12:00 PM
By: Mandi Mladenoff

SOE Event Group

​Each year, PennDOT recognizes select employees for their outstanding performance in providing the very best transportation services to Pennsylvanians every day. Recently, 29 employees from around the state were given a Star of Excellence Award, the agency's highest recognition.

This year an event was held at the Governor’s Residence to honor the winners on Aug. 23. View photos from the event on Flickr.

"Looking at the dedication and achievements of each Star makes me so grateful to be part of the PennDOT family and to be a Pennsylvanian who benefits from their services," said PennDOT Secretary Yassmin Gramian.

From the descriptions of our Stars' achievements, you will see how the day-to-day work of exceptional individuals spells great success for PennDOT: significant savings for taxpayers, improved service delivery, and advancements in safety and productivity.

Winners of the 2022 Star of Excellence Awards are listed below. For more information on why each winner was selected, view the Star of Excellence ceremony program (PDF).

District 1

· Michael L. Hanna – Transportation Construction Inspector Supervisor

· Todd D. Palmer – Senior Civil Engineer Supervisor

District 2

· Amanda J. Nelson – Assistant Highway Maintenance Manager

· Jason J. Powell – Maintenance Operations Manager

District 3

· Marc A. Blair – Transportation Construction Manager 1

· Laurie Cristini – Civil Engineer

District 4

· Robert McGavin – Highway Foreman 2

· Summer T. Koziel, E.I.T. - Senior Civil Engineer Supervisor

District 5

· John D. Bohman – District Permit Coordinator

· Matthew E. Seasock – Highway Foreman II

District 6

· Tia Martin – Roadway Programs Technician 2

· Steven N. Bartkovich – Civil Engineer Manager

District 8

· Robert Stanisic – Transportation Construction Inspector Supervisor

· Matthew E. McDeavitt – Civil Engineer Manager

District 9

· Anne Stich – Transportation Planning Manager

· Rodney B. Hill – District Permit Manager

District 10

· Karen L. Burkett – Assistant Highway Maintenance Manager

· Amanda L. Olbeter – Senior Civil Engineer Supervisor

District 11

· Shane Szalankiewicz, P.E. - District Bridge Engineer

· Jesse Kovacs – Roadway Programs Technician 2

District 12

· Michael Shipley – TEOS Operator and Acting Foreman

· Jeremy Hughes – Senior Civil Engineer Manager/District Bridge Engineer

Central Office

· Andrew Batson, AICP – Division Chief – Planning and Project Delivery, Multimodal Transportation

· Monty S. Frank – Business Analyst 2, Driver & Vehicle Services

· Guozhou Li, P.E. - Assistant Chief Bridge Engineer, Highway Administration

· Troy J. Love – Transportation Planning Specialist Supervisor, Highway Administration

· Todd Rottet – Transportation Planning Specialist 2, Planning

· Meghan M. McNaughton – Assistant Counsel, Office of Chief Counsel

· Aaron Carr – Administrative Assistant, Administration

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