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​Wolf Administration's 'Road MaP' Initiative Improving Two Monroe County Roadways

November 15, 2017 12:00 AM
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Roadway improvements using recycled asphalt paving, or RAP, on nearly 4 miles of lower volume roads recently took center stage in Monroe County through PennDOT's Road Maintenance and Preservation (Road MaP) initiative.

RAP is an environmentally conscious method that repurposes ground millings from projects onto other roadways, and allows the department to pave less-traveled roads that otherwise wouldn't be paved, or to reinforce roadway shoulders. It is one of the many low-cost tools PennDOT is putting to work through the initiative, allowing savings to be used for additional department or contract work to improve more roadways.

Road MaP​ will invest $2.1 billion in roadway maintenance and highway and bridge capital projects over the next 10 years.​