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Crash Facts & Statistics

 In 2019, Pennsylvania's traffic fatalities dropped to 1,059, the lowest since record keeping began in 1928. In 2020, even with less roadway traffic, fatalities increased to 1,129 and again in 2021 to 1,230. Finally, the trend was reversed in 2022, decreasing 4% to 1,179.

PennDOT is committed to making our roadways safe for travelers of all modes. Unfortunately, early crash data estimates are showing 2023 traffic fatalities may be up again over 2022 numbers. We'll continue to work on engineering, education, and enforcement initiatives with our many partners because these numbers are still too high. Even one fatality is one too many.

The public can access commonly requested crash and fatality information as well as create their own custom searches with the Pennsylvania Crash Information Tool.

Below are our annual Crash Facts & Statistics reports. All files are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.