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​Concrete Plant Book

The links below provide the applicable forms and files that make up the PennDOT Concrete Plant Book.  The files at the links below are intended for use by approved Producers of Ready Mix Concrete listed in PennDOT Publication 42 (Bulletin 42) for documenting Ready Mix Concrete Producer Quality Control (QC) data.  The forms and Excel Spreadsheets are intended to be downloaded and used locally at the approved Ready Mix Concrete Producer’s production facility for documenting Concrete Quality Control (QC) data as required by PennDOT.  Starting on July 9, 2015, Ready Mix Concrete shipment information to PennDOT funded projects in the ‘Plant Summary’ and ‘Project Summary’ Excel Spreadsheets can also be entered in eCAMMS under the ESB dropdown menu and selection for Plant Summary Shipment Entry (

Concrete Plant Book