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The 53rd Mid-Atlantic Quality Assurance Workshop was held February 11-13, 2020 at the Williamsburg Lodge in Williamsburg, VA.


Day 1: Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Mainline Session 1

Welcome by VDOT:(PDF) Robert Cary - Chief Deputy Commissioner, VDOT

Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel:(PDF) James Utterback - Project Director HRMT Expansion, VDOT

DOT Leadership Programs:(PDF) Melissa Ryan - Senior Training Consultant, VDOT

Local Assistance Projects:(PDF) Todd Halacy - Assistant Division Administrator, VDOT

Inverted Pavements:(PDF) Wynand Steyn - Professor, University of Pretoria, S.A., Kevin Vaughn - Technical Services Manager, Vulcan Materials

Smart Pavements / Smart Cities:(PDF) Stan Caldwell - Adjunct Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University


Day 2: Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Asphalt Session

CCPRM Lessons Learned, I-64 Widening Segments II and III:(PDF) Tom Tate - VDOT

FHWA Density Demonstation Project:(PDF) Tim Aschenbrener - FHWA

Performance Testing for Improved Asphalt Mixture Quality:(PDF) Stacy Diefenderfer- VTRC

Comparison of IDEAI-CT Testing Equipment:(PDF) Nathan Moore - NCAT

Enhancing Pavement Quality and Longevity: Simple Solutions to Address Common Infrastructure Problems:(PDF) Grover Allen - Blacklidge

State of the Knowledge: Delta TC:(PDF) Greg Harder - AI (Asphalt Institute)

Overview of VDOT Relective Cracking Mitigation Research:(PDF) Hari Nair - VTRC

eConstruction Initiatives in Virginia:(PDF) Ian Millikan - VDOT


Concrete Session

CBBT Drilled Tunnel Lining Segments:(PDF) Bill Dennison

Fiber Reinforced ECC, VHPV and UHPC in Bridge Structures:(PDF) Celik Ozyldirim - VTRC

A Weekend Bridge Superstructure Replacement - Wilson Blvd at Seven Corner:(PDF) Edmund Okerchiri and Team - VDOT

Performance Engineered Mixtures, It's Time for a Change:(PDF) Jim Grove

Use and Application of Volumetric Mixers:(PDF) Collin Robinson

Concrete Pavement Resiliency:(PDF) Jim Mack

Drainage Installation and Inspection:(PDF) Hank Gottschalk - Concrete Pipe & Precast

Manufactured Sand in Concrete Mixes:(PDF) Kevin Vaughn and Teck Chua - Vulcan Materials


Metals Session

AASHTO Steel Fabrication Spec:(PDF) Heather Gilmer - HRV

Quality Painting:(PDF) Joshua Charnosky - PennDOT Quality - Painting 2:(PDF) Tom Neil - KTA-Tator

Pin and Hanger Field Replacement on Bay Bridge Project, MD: Jonathan Morey - Annab & Whitney: (Presentation Unavailable)

Direct Tension Indication (DTI) Washer Installation:(PDF) and Torque Controlled (Twist-off) Bolts:(PDF) Ed Darby - VDOT, Joe Bracken - PennDOT

AWS Update - 2020 AWS D1.5 Code:(PDF) Ronnie Medlock - High Steel

Causes and Prevention of Weld Cracking:(PDF) Duane Miller - Lincoln Electric

Quality Galvanizing, What to do and What not to do:(PDF) Tom Langil, Dr. Galv

Developments in PAUT:(PDF) Ronnie Medlock - High Steel


Aggregate/Soils, Maintenance Session

System-Based Independent Assurance at VDOT:(PDF) Chaz Weaver - VDOT

Plastic Inlaid Markers:(PDF) Jim Swisher - VDOT

#10 Screenings as Embankment and Fill Material - Atlee Road Project Showcase:(PDF) Whitney Butler - Vulcan Materials, Ben Steele - Martin Marietta, David Abernathy - Abernathy Construction

Performance of Composite Pavement as Maintenance Strategy for CRCP:(PDF) Shabbir Hossain - VTRC, Raja Shekharan - VDOT

Construction Quality Control for Unbound Base Reclaimed Asphalt Aggregate Using Light Weight Deflectometer: Burak Tanyu - George Mason University: (Presentation will be available at a later date)

VDOT Aggregate Database - MITS/PLAID:(PDF) Wansoo Kim - VDOT

I-81 Exit 140 Park and Ride: Pervious Concrete Making the Impossible Possible:(PDF) Travis Higgs - VDOT

Network-Level Friction Measurements - a Tool to Reduce Crashes:(PDF) Gerardo Flintsch and Edgar de Leon Izeppi - VTTI

Micropile Supported Structure Slab for Sinkhole Mitigation on SR 422:(PDF) Frank Namatka - Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Chemical Modification and Stabilization of Subgrade and Associated Quality Assurance Testing:(PDF) Craig Addison - Carmeuse Lime and Stone


Day 3: Thursday, February 13, 2020

Mainline Session 2

Florida Pedestrian Bridge Collapse:(PDF) Robert Molloy, PhD - Director NTSB

Quality to Achieve a 100-yr Design:(PDF) L Michael Brown, PhD - Senior Supervising Engineer WSP

Mobile Apps and eConstruction:(PDF) John Myler - Assistant Construction Engineer - PennDOT

Design-Build Quality Assurance Panel: Jeff Roby - VDOT, Rezene Medhani - DDOT, Craig Blowers - DelDOT: (Panel Discussion Only)