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​LoLD Haulers

A Letter of Local Determination (LoLD) is a letter issued by PennDOT that identifies certain vehicles as local traffic.

Local Traffic Criteria​Exemption StatusExamples
​Natural resource* extraction sites


Not Local Traffic

  • ​Gas or oil well sites during the development and drilling of the well. Once the well is in production and the hauling is reduced to a more maintenance function the Posting Authority may consider granting the User a local hauling letter
  • Log landings where the logs are extracted from the forest
  • Quarries
  • Coal Mines
​Traffic going to or from a permanent forest product mill along or only reachable via posted roadways


Local Traffic

  • ​Hauling logs to or lumber from a permanent sawmill
  • Hauling to or from other timber processing operations such as pallet shops
  • Hauling to or from a log broker yard where logs are delivered, stored, and later moved out to other locations
​Traffic going to or from a permanent coal reprocessing or preparation plant located along or reachable via posted roadways not on the same roadway as the extraction site


Local Traffic

  • ​Vehicles going to or from a coal processing plant (not a coal mine) along a posted roadway or only accessible by a posted roadway


*Natural resources are defined as any material from natural sources having potential economic value including but not limited to timber, minerals, oil, gas, wind, and water. The term does not include food crops, animals, or animal products intended for human or animal consumption such as corn, wheat, and milk.