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Statewide Planning and Policy Documents

There are many strategic planning initiatives within PennDOT that provide overall direction and support for the management of the Commonwealth's transportation system.

PennDOT Strategic Plan: This plan is the overarching document that drives PennDOT forward by solving current and future challenges and by defining PennDOT's vision, mission, and values. One of the seven strategic themes in PennDOT's Strategic Plan is mobility and connectivity, which recognizes the linkage between mobility and quality of life through investments in equitable, efficient, and safe movement of people and goods.

Pennsylvania Long-Range Transportation Plan: This plan is a strategic, multimodal, performance-based plan that establishes PennDOT's vision for transportation in Pennsylvania, and also includes a comprehensive freight movement plan. Both plans were developed in accordance with the guidance provided by MAP-21 federal legislation. It is organized around four goal areas – system preservation, safety, personal and freight mobility, and stewardship. These goal areas support the achievement of Pennsylvania's transportation vision and guide PennDOT in addressing the state's transportation priorities. TSMO is addressed extensively within the plan's objectives and strategies for personal and freight mobility.

Pennsylvania 12-Year Program (TYP) and Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP): The TYP is Pennsylvania's official mid-range planning tool. It lists statewide planned projects and assigns funding to projects over a 12-year period, with the first four years comprising the (STIP). The STIP includes 24 individual regional TIPs representing each MPO, RPO, and one independent county.

PennDOT Connects: PennDOT Connects was established as a department policy recognizing the importance and benefit of community collaboration as early in the planning and project delivery cycle as possible, and with collaboration opportunities along the way. Of particular importance is the linkage between transportation planning and community priorities.

PennDOT Transportation Program General and Procedural Guidance: The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on the development of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and regional Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPs) in accordance with federal and state requirements.

PennDOT Design Manual Part 1: This manual was developed by PennDOT and its planning partners, consultants, and contractors who are responsible for advancing transportation projects through the transportation program development and project delivery process. In addition, it includes chapters on pre-TIP and TIP program development procedures, post-TIP NEPA procedures, and transportation engineering procedures. TSMO is specifically referenced to be considered during the planning process.