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​Major Bridge P3 Project

The Major Bridge P3 (MBP3) was approved by the  Pennsylvania P3 board in November 2020, for the replacement or rehabilitation of nine major interstate bridges through a progressive P3 delivery model. At that time, PennDOT planned to make annual payments to pay for the work and financing costs on these bridges using mandatory tolling, as was permitted by the Pennsylvania P3 law at the time. Since that time, Act 84 of 2022 amended the P3 law to eliminate mandatory tolling of existing free lanes. The Act also preserved the department's ability to continue the MBP3 and move forward with the Predevelopment Agreement (PDA) with Bridging Pennsylvania Partners. In August 2022, PennDOT chose to move the bridge projects in the MBP3 forward without tolling and pay for the project(s) using existing funds to make annual payments to the development entity over 35 years. 

Of the nine bridges, six bridges were identified for Package 1: 
The six bridges in Package 1 will be delivered via the MBP3. Estimated timeframes are available on each project page. 

These three bridges will be delivered through traditional methods and not advanced as a second or subsequent package of bridges. By way of further information, the I-83 South Bridge was removed from the PDA on March 21, 2023The process to allocate funding on the 12-year program to allow the I-83 South Bridge project to advance through the environmental, design and construction phases of the project has been initiated. To expedite this critical project, the department continues to seek federal discretionary funding so the project can be delivered earlier.

PennDOT terminated the PDA for the two remaining bridges on June 6, 2023. The project scopes and available funding for the remaining two bridges are being reviewed as part of our 2025 12-Year Program Update to determine a path forward.


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10,493 job-years is equivalent to a total of 10,493 years of individual employment over the life of the project.

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