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I-80 Nescopeck Creek Bridges

In July 2022, the General Assembly amended the state's P3 law to remove tolling as a means of funding the MBP3. As a result, PennDOT is moving the I-80 Nescopeck Creek Bridges Project forward, but without tolling. A Categorical Exclusion (CE) was prepared by PennDOT and approved by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The approved CE evaluated and documented how the project build alternative without tolling would affect the surrounding community and environment.

See the Approved CE (PDF)

Project Description

The I-80 Nescopeck Creek Bridges are dual structures (one eastbound and one westbound) built in 1965 and with preservation repairs last conducted in 2005. These bridges cross over Nescopeck Creek in Black Creek Township, Luzerne County. Combined, the bridges carry an average of 33,000 vehicles per day, approximately 36 percent of which is truck traffic.

The purpose of the I-80 Nescopeck Creek Bridges Project is to provide a sustainable travel way/crossing that accommodates interstate highway freight and mobility while providing a safe and efficient highway for motorists over Nescopeck Creek. The project will replace and widen the bridges to provide wider shoulders that meet current standards and accommodate and facilitate future maintenance activities on the bridge. Once complete, the new bridges will improve traffic flow, extend the life of existing infrastructure, and enhance traffic safety.

Project History & Funding

The Major Bridge P3 (MBP3) was approved by the Pennsylvania P3 board in November 2020, for the replacement or rehabilitation of nine major interstate bridges through a progressive P3 delivery model. At that time, PennDOT planned to make annual payments to pay for the work and financing costs on these bridges using mandatory tolling, as was permitted by the Pennsylvania P3 law at the time. Since that time, Act 84 of 2022 amended the P3 law to eliminate mandatory tolling of existing free lanes. The Act also preserved the department's ability to continue the MBP3 and move forward with the Predevelopment Agreement (PDA) with Bridging Pennsylvania Partners.  In August 2022, PennDOT chose to move the bridge projects in the MBP3 forward without tolling and pay for the project(s) using existing funds to make annual payments to the development entity over 35 years. 

This bridge was one of six bridges in Package 1 to be delivered via the MBP3.

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