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In correlation with the principles of the Green Plan Policy, PennDOT monitors environmental impact through testing, training, compliance administration, and continuous improvement practices. Learn more about many of the avenues through which environmental goals and objectives are achieved.

Through environmental analysis, PennDOT's objective is to ensure the accurate application of federal and state laws and regulations associated with the human, natural, and physical environment to transportation improvements. This is accomplished by developing and implementing policy statements, guidance documents, and quality control of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents.

Stormwater management is an important aspect of ensuring community waterways are environmentally protected. PennDOT works closely with local government throughout the installation and maintenance of stormwater management systems.

PennDOT employs multiple methods, policies, programs, and measures within roadway maintenance to keep pollution prevention at the forefront at all times. Three key focus areas are monitored in correlation with PennDOT's environmental goals: winter services, stockpile and garage management, and maintenance operations.