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​​​Bureau of Equal Opportunity

External EO Programs

The primary mission of the Bureau is to ensure compliance with all related federal and state non-discrimination laws, regulations, directives, and executive orders in all department programs and activities.  The Bureau of Equal Opportunity staff support the Department, its customers, employees, and partners in their efforts to attract businesses, residents, and stimulate the economy through compliance functions and outreach activities.

The Bureau is comprised of the following: Federal and State Contractor Compliance Programs; Federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise/Small Business Enterprise (DBE/SBE) Programs; State Diverse Business Program; Federal and State On-the-Job Trainee (OJT) Programs; and the Federal Title VI Program, which includes Limited English Proficiency (LEP), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

For assistance, contact PennDOT's Bureau of Equal Opportunity by phone at 717.787.5891, or email at