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Small Business Set-Aside Pilot Program

PennDOT is committed to increasing contract participation for small businesses, disadvantaged businesses, and diverse businesses. Continuing with this effort, PennDOT has introduced a Small Business Set Aside pilot program for Small Business Enterprises (SBE) to compete as prime consultants on federally-assisted Preliminary Engineering and Final Design agreements. 

For the pilot program, seven (7) preliminary engineering and final design of non-complex box culvert or single-span bridge replacements projects have been identified and deemed as Small Business Set-Side projects. The pilot program will begin in October 2018 and will run to project completion.

Project Update

The Small Business set aside pilot program is an ongoing PennDOT and FHWA collaboration. The pilot program provides for the opportunity to increase contracting participation and opportunities for certified PennDOT Small Business Enterprises (SBE) and/or Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE). The firms that compete for agreements in the pilot program must meet the same requirements as any other firm that does business with PennDOT. The pilot program was developed in 2017 and seven (7) design agreements across multiple Districts have been awarded.

In 2019, the pilot program was expanded to include Construction Inspection Agreements, one (1) per district to begin in 2020. Nine (9) agreements have been awarded to SBEs.


Click Here to view the actual award details by ECMS number, district, awardee, SBE dollar commitment and SBE dollars paid.