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​State Transportation Innovation Council


The Pennsylvania State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) facilitates the rapid implementation of proven, well-researched and documented state, regional, national and international technologies, tactics, techniques and any other innovations that are new to Pennsylvania. The STIC also supports and promotes the implementation of Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Every Day Counts (EDC) innovations.

The STIC accepts innovation submissions from Pennsylvania transportation stakeholders and partners. Selected innovations are developed for deployment and promoted to become standard practice within the transportation community.

Featured Innovations

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Orange and black light-up chevron road sign

A Sequential Dynamic Lighting Curve Warning System helps motorists slow down and safely navigate sharp curves, which can prevent or reduce the severity of run-off-the-road crashes. A Lessons Learned and Best Practices document shares guidance for those looking to implement this safety countermeasure.

Crew member taking an iPad picture of paving operations

e-Ticketing and Digital As-Builts utilize paperless technologies to transform the project delivery process by improving the accessibility of project data. This results in enhanced safety, better quality and cost savings.

Targeted Overlay Pavement Solutions (TOPS) improve upon conventional overlay methods by utilizing new materials and techniques to extend pavement life and reduce the need for costly pavement reconstruction projects that can have significant impacts and require long-term lane closures.



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